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Can't Wait for Christmas?

Is it ever too early to listen to Christmas music and/or watch holiday related movies or television episodes? Prematurely celebrate and/or commiserate here!

Movie Concepts

Based on the concept of the following movies (not the movies themselves), which one would you like to see as a saga, or as a TV series? A saga is a story about what happens to a group of characters over a long period of time, in this particular case, over a few movies. Discuss this poll here

Favorite Marion Davies Film

Marion Davies was one of the biggest stars of the 1920s and 30s. She ranked as the #1 female box office star of 1922-23. Which one of these silent films and talkies starring Marion Davies is your favorite? Discuss here

Most Intense Sci-Fi Movie Scenes

This is the scifi-edition of the most-intense-movies-scenes-polls. According to IMDb poll board users, there are scenes in some movies that are so intense with emotion or situation or a special twist, that you will never forget them again. Which of these intense scifi-scenes below is your pick? (Feel free to vote, even if you saw just a few of these movies. If you didn't see any of them, pick the one that you would watch the most likely) Discuss here. This is the fourth part. Live-poll Part I Live-poll Part II Live-poll Part III

Oscars 2018 — Achievement in Popular Film

The Academy is planning to add an Oscar for Achievement in Popular Film. Which 2017 release do you think would have won such an award? Discuss here after voting

It's All Over at 99

This list contains feature films with at least 50,000 votes, user ratings at least 7.5 and running times of 99 minutes. ?Which is your favorite? Join the discussion

Seven Kingdoms Beauty Contest

The first beauty contest in Seven Kingdoms will be held in King's Landing. Who do you think will be crowned? Be a jury here

Face-Off: New Oscar Category for Popular Film

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced a new category at the Oscar ceremony; 'Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film'. It seems they made this concession because of the scant representation of popular/blockbuster movies at the Oscars. What do you think about this new Oscar category? You may discuss the poll here

Evil Bills

While it's fairly debatable that these gentlemen had Bill (or William) on their birth certificate, we know for sure that they carried the name "Bill" as a strong identity mark, and that it sure rhymed with 'evil'. So, which of these evil Bills was the best? (which means the worst, well you got the point...) After voting, you might discuss the list here

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