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Inspirational Women's History Singer and Musician Biopics

Each March in the USA, we recognize female achievements during Women's History Month. Movie biopics are a great way to honor, educate and celebrate the contributions of great women with the star power they deserve. Bios Source: Wikipedia.com Which of these female musically-inclined artists* inspires you the most, or alternatively their biopic? * Singers, Musicians, Composers, Songwriters, Promoters, Etc. Women's History Month Companion Polls Female Leader Biopics : Female Trailblazer Biopics : Female Humanitarian Biopics : Female Sports Biopics : Female Writer Biopics Discuss the topic here.

Out in The Boondocks

TV shows not near a City or a Populated Planet! These shows are based far away from the Crowd. Limit: 25,000,000 Light Years and 25 Choices! Which is your favorite rural viewing destination? After voting, please discuss here.

The Peace Garden State Movies

The Peace Garden State is the official nickname of North Dakota. In 1889 it became the 39th state of the United States of America. These movies have a connection with North Dakota. It's a topic in the story or they are (partially) filmed in North Dakota. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with North Dakota? You may discuss the poll here Click here to vote for other States of America

Must See Spanish-Language Movies of This Century

There are many great movies in which Spanish is the main language; the majority of them are not well known by the general public. Each of these movies, all from this century, has less than 20000 votes. Which is your favourite film or, if you haven't seen them, which one seems most interesting to you? / Hay muchas películas en las que predomina el español como idioma principal; la mayoría de ellas no son muy conocidas por el gran público. Cada una de estas películas (todas de este siglo) tienen como máximo 20000 votos cada una. ¿Cuál es tu película favorita? Si no las conoces, ¿cuál te interesa ver más? Discuss here

1st Annual Multi-verse Eating Competition

These competitors have been brought in to do one thing: EAT! Which one do you believe will be victorious? Discuss Here

Personifications of Death

Which of these personifications of Death is your favorite? This poll's discussion.

The Best Religious Horror/Thriller Films

Listed here are the commonly accepted best religious horror and thriller films of all-time. Some of these have become a series of films, and rather than list each sequel here, I will only show the original movie. Which one do you consider to be the best? After voting, please discuss here.

Make It a Musical

Shows like Glee (2009) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) paved the way, but is TV ready to roll? Which of these shows would benefit the most from added song and dance numbers? Discuss here after voting

Female Chosen Ones

From these female chosen ones which one would you choose? Discuss the list here!

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