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Most Inspiring American Football Movie Biopic?

These true story sentimental American Football biographical movies are so good they will literally make you cry! Which of these true story* American football movies about an individual or team competing against tremendous obstacles or overwhelming odds touches you the most? * football player, coach, support staff or entire team Discuss the topic here.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi Universe With the Best Villains

Which fantasy/sci-fi universe has the best villains? Discuss the list here!

BAFTA Awards 2019 — Best Film

Which of the nominees of the 72nd British Academy Film Awards for Best Film do you think should win? Discuss the Poll Here

Hitchcock Scenes that Give You Vertigo

Acrophobia, or fear of heights, is explicitly mentioned in Vertigo. However, director Alfred Hitchcock was notorious for using altitudes in other movies as well. In fact, he seemed to be spellbound by them and the suspicion is that in the mind of the 'master of suspense', physical high points and emotional highlights were linked together. From these Hitchcock scenes involving heights, abysses, and falls, which most likely gives you vertigo? SPOILERS ahead! Discuss here Thank you urbanemovies for contributions to the options!

Favorite New Avenger

Which is your favorite new addition to The Avengers (2012) ensemble? * Captain Marvel is not officially an Avenger yet. Discuss the list here!

The Best '80s Sci-fi/Fantasy Movie

Which one of these '80s Sci-fi/Fantasy movies do you think is the best? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Favorite 'Transformers' Franchise Movie?

Which theatrical 'Transformers' franchise movie is your favorite? Discuss the topic here.

TV, She Wrote

It seems like more and more books are being adapted into television shows than in the past. Which TV shows made of books originally written by women do you like most? Want to talk about it? Click here! * limited to television shows which have aired a minimum of two seasons and are scheduled for a third

Worst Movie of 2018

Which is the worst movie of 2018? After voting you may discuss here

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