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Simon and Nick

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are not just co-actors but real-life buddies as well. That makes their on-screen chemistry even more enjoyable. Which of these character pairs do you like the most? Discuss the poll here

David Fincher Movies of the 21st Century

What is your favorite 21st-century movie directed by David Fincher? Discuss here

TV Shows at 10 in 2021

Here are some popular television shows celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2021. Which of these TV shows released 10 years ago, in 2011, is your favorite? Discuss here

Drag Extravaganza

21 tv shows/movies/episodes/documentaries regarding - even marginally - the topic "Drag Queens" (titles in chronological order). Which one is your favorite (campiest, entertaining, funny)? Make your choice and may the best title... WIN! Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

Which Kind of Actor Would You Be?

If you were an actor, which kind of actor would you most likely be? Tell us here.

Celebrating 100 Years Anniversary (1921-2021)

Which of these centennial movies is your favorite? Or which one would you like to see? Note: Only movies are added with at least 250 votes. You may discuss the poll here See also: Celebrating 100 Years Anniversary (1920-2020) Celebrating 100 Years Anniversary (1919-2019)

Barrymore Family

?he Barrymore family (awarded with 2 Oscars and 1 Golden Globe in total) has a long showbusiness legacy. Which one is your favourite? Discuss the list

Marvel's Netflix Characters in MCU

Which one do you most want to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Discuss the Poll Here

Favorite Movie Heroine of 2020

2020 was an unusual year, of course, with not nearly as many movies released as in other years, but there were still some on-screen heroines to inspire us. To celebrate the emergence of more bold, brave, and colorful women and girls, which of these heroines from 2020 is your favorite? (Note: Except for the first five, all characters are listed in alphabetical order by first name.) After voting, discuss here. Vote for your favorite heroines of 2019, 2018, and 2017.

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