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Face-Off: Sergio Leone's ‘Once Upon A Time’ Movies

Which one of these three movies, by director Sergio Leone, is the best in his "Once Upon A Time" trilogy? Talk about your pick and the subject here. The list is in the order they were chronologically made.

Face-Off: "Band of Brothers" vs. "Planet Earth II"

Only two TV shows have ever topped the IMDb Top 250 TV list. Which of them is the best? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Oscar Winning Songs

What's your favorite Oscar winning song from the last 35 years (1983-2017)? Discuss this poll here

Movie Couples with Alliterative Names

Alliterative names seem to just roll off the tongue. Which of these movie couples whose name both start with the same letter is your favorite? Want to talk about it? Click here!

No More Seasons Please!

Which of these long running TV shows should be canceled? You may discuss here

Nice to See You... You are?

Which movie that includes long forgotten ancestors is your favorite? After voting, discuss here.

The Queer Palm

Founded in 2010, the Queer Palm is a prize given to LGBTQ films entered in the Cannes Film Festival. It awards films entered under Official Selection, Un Certain Regard, International Critics' Week, Directors' Fortnight and the ACID section, which best highlight themes of LGBTQ life. Which of these previous Queer Palm Feature Film winners do you consider best achieves this objective? Discuss the list here

Here's... Johnny!

John is one of the most common given names in the English language. There are more than 12 million people in the USA named John and the number of Johns in America is increasing by approximately 100,000 each year. Which movie with John or Johnny in the title is your favorite? (*) Discuss the list here (*) Only feature movies with minimum 5,000 votes on IMDb

$2 Billion Movies

Which of these movies that earned $2 Billion at the worldwide box office, most deserved to earn that amount faster than the given time? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote for: 500 Million Dollar Movies

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