Poll: That's Not My Name Too!!

A poll by KhaledKalache

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Farewell Greendale 'Community' College

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to create a Community poll. After all, in which other shows you can see things like: Paintball fight & Pillow Fight in the middle of the school; Commercial company with self-deprecating humor (Subway); Full episode about a missing pen; Dozens of tributes and references to popular culture and many other Cool. Cool cool cool stuff. No argument, Greendale is the best school in the entire world. Unfortunately for the fans, NBC decided to cancelled Community after five seasons. So this poll is a tribute to the series, but if you think we gave up on the dream of six seasons and a movie (Ooh, that will be nice) you streets ahead?. So, what you will miss the most about Community? If you want to discuss about this poll push here -> Pop pop!

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Favorite SNL Weekend Update Anchor

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Who said big guys couldn't be funny? (well, actually, no one, but I needed an opening line) Here are some comedians or comedic performers who all stand above 6' 2'' (1,88 m) (sorry Jim Carrey, John Goodman, Will Smith, Kevin Kline, John Candy...), which one of them is as funny as he's tall, or makes you laugh the most? Discuss here Many of them have done some drama, but they should be judged on the basis of their comedic work.

Greatest SNL cast member ever (1975-1979)

Saturday Night Live (1975) is beginning its 40th season at the end of September. This is a group of polls to determine the greatest SNL cast member ever. Each poll will include cast members from a five-year time period (if a cast member's tenure ran over two or more periods I will put them in the one with the most years they appeared in). The top three of each of these polls will then go against each other in a mega poll to determine the single greatest SNL cast member ever (full repertory members only, no featured players). Who is the greatest SNL cast member from 1975-1979 (based on their performances on SNL only)? Discuss the list here Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1980-1984 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1985-1989 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1990-1994 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 1995-1999 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 2000-2004 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 2005-2009 Click here to vote for the greatest SNL cast member 2010-2014

Actors Who Go by Their Nicknames

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Or maybe this list should be called “Bad Daddies”. Nobody has done a bad father / daddy poll. So, whether they are the biological fathers or not, which one of these fictional MOVIE fathers or daddies least deserves a Father’s Day gift from his kids? Talk about it here. This list is for movies.

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Comedy Movie Trios

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The best part of Christmas

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