Poll: Memorable Movie Moments (Clock-Wise)

Tick-tock, tick tock... time can be a tricky thing, if you don't control it, it ends up controlling you. As they say, money is a good servant but a bad master... and since time is money... And from the early days of cinema, time has always been represented as a hostile or stressful element, the most emblematic image being Harold Lloyd dangling from a clock on the side of a building. If that iconic moment doesn't sum up the conflicting relationship we all have with time, I don't know what it does. And while not always the main inspiration, Safety Last! (1923) paved the way to other memorable scenes featuring one or many characters in similar situations although not necessarily on the same life-threatening level, or just a habile juxtaposition of characters and a clock. Which of these memorable movie moments is your favorite? Try to find your answer in less than 20 seconds and then discuss the list here, hurry!