Poll: Libra Directors

A poll by thenolanfan

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MTV's Best New Filmmaker Award

From 1992 to 2002, MTV gave a movie award for the best new filmmaker. Who's career has most lived up to that early seen potential? Discuss here.

Favorite 2014 Oscar Moment

What was your favorite moment from The Oscars (2014)?

Directors Who Get Existential

These directors have touched on existential themes in a deep way in several of their films, giving interesting results that lead to intense reflections. Which of these directors has made you reflect the most on your life with their existentialist films? Discuss here

NYPL's Most Checked-Out Books Of All Time

On the eve of the New York Public Library's 125 birthday, the NYPL has published a list of the most checked-out books in the history of this august public library. Which of these eclectic books is your favorite (or something that intrigues you enough to find it and read it)? Get your library card. Head out the door. Bolt to your local library. Join us bookworms over here and lets discuss this list of pretty popular books (and other books if you're feeling bookish enough).

'Being John Malkovich' as ...

December 3, 2019 marks the twentieth anniversary of the debut of Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich (1999). In the film a puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of movie star John Malkovich. If you could enter the portal to John Malkovich’s head, which film role would you most wish to experience while being in his head? After voting, please discuss here.

Being Who?

For the film Being John Malkovich (1999), John Malkovich was approached several times and loved the script, but he and his production crew felt that another actor would fit the role better. Malkovich offered to help produce the film, and aid Spike Jonze in any way, but refused to star in it. Eventually after a couple of years Malkovich's will was worn down and he agreed to star in the film. However, suppose Malkovich had continued to refuse the part. Who's head would you have liked to have gotten into (in their prime)? Discuss the list here

Missing Oscar Categories

Which of the following categories would you most wish to be part of the Academy Awards? Discuss here

Favorite Oscar-Winning Gold Standard Couple?

These married couples are the gold standard by which all other Hollywood couples are measured during award season. Both husband and wife have earned Oscars, perfect for when sharing an Oscar with your spouse just isn't enough. Which of these currently or formerly married couples who have his and hers Oscars* is your favorite? * couple Oscar totals include honorary Oscars with asterisk notation Discuss the topic here.

Face-off: Spike Jonze vs. Spike Lee

Two Spikes. Two highly acclaimed American film directors that challenge their audiences with their innovative techniques and incisive examinations into contemporary issues. They are also each the recipient of an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. Which Spike do you prefer, Spike Jonze or Spike Lee? Discuss some sharp thoughts HERE.

Favorite Australian Director?

Which of these following directors from down under is your personal favorite? Discuss here

Most Visionary Science-Fiction Director?

These directors are notable for making some of the most popular and influential science-fiction films. Which one of these directors do you think is the greatest visionary when it comes to directing science-fiction films? Discuss here.

Directors Dealing with Loneliness/Alienation

Which of these directors, according to you, is the best in terms of dealing with the subject of loneliness, alienation or apathy? Discuss the list here.

Best Oscar-nominated Directorial Debut

Emerald Fennell became the 25th director to score a Best Director nomination for her first film. She is the first woman to achieve this honor. Let's have a look at all 25 first-time directors who earned a Best Director nomination for their first film. In your opinion, which director made the most impressive debut? Discuss Here

The Best Music Video Director

From this list of feature-filmmakers who began their careers directing music videos, which filmmaker is the best? Discuss Here!!!

The Coppola Gang

Whose work among the members of the Coppola family do you like most? Discuss here

The Scariest Urban Legends

Which of these following Urban Legends do you find to be the most haunting of them all? After voting, you may discuss this spooky poll here.

Which Spike Do You Like?

Most people know of the directors Spike Lee and Spike Jonze. But there are many other Spikes out there, particularly dogs, for some reason. Which one do you most like? Discuss the list here

Multiple Oscar Winning Directors

All of these directors have won the Oscar for Best Director more than once, with Frank Capra and William Wyler winning thrice and John Ford winning four times. Out of these legendary directors, whose films do you enjoy the most? Discuss this here.

Super DIRECTOR (Part II)

Which of these filmmakers do you feel best handled (as a director in a movie) the action comic book/super-hero genre? For part I, click here Discuss here

Which Globe winner do you think is the most likely for an Oscar?

All of these people won golden globes at the 2013 ceremony, which do you think is most likely to win the SAME AWARD come the Oscar ceremony? Discuss here