Poll: Favorite Top Box Office Black Directors

A poll by urbanemovies

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Louis Armstrong is unquestionably the biggest icon of dixie jazz. He was the king on the trumpet and had a special distinctive voice that was unique. Duke Ellington said about him: 'He was born poor, died rich, and never hurt anyone along the way.' Please remember Louis Armstrong lived from 1901 to 1971. That was a time when African Americans had even more significant struggles than today. According to the choice of IMDb poll board users: If you were a producer, with a budget of $60 million or above, which director below would you choose to make a biographical drama about Louis Armstrong? (Note: This poll is a fictional issue.) Louis Armstrong Discuss or contribute here. :) A big thank you to the users who suggested directors for this list. ;)

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Best Achievement in Directing, 86th Academy Awards 2014

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Favorite Black Multimedia Superhero Character?

February is African-American History Month or alternatively known as Black History Month in the U.S.A.. One positive change is how Black superheroes have evolved in various media over the years. Black superhero metrics in various media have shown significant gains in portrayal frequency, portrayal types, star power and the quality of titles associated with them. Which of these all-time Black movie, television or streaming characters is your favorite superhero? Black History Month Companion Polls Celebrated Black-Led Movies : Top Black-Directed Movies : Top Grossing Black Directors : Black Multimedia Superheroes Discuss the topic here.

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Library of Congress Living Legends

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Fighting Inequality in the Entertainment World

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African-American Milestones in Movies and TV

In celebration of Black History Month,IMDb-Editors released a LIST to acknowledge many accomplishments of African-Americans in movies and television. Which is the crowning achievement by an African-American? Discuss here

Greatest British Film Director

Who do you think is the greatest British Film Director? Discuss the list here

Black and British

October is Black History Month in the UK. Who is your favorite Black British actor or filmmaker? Maybe there are names on this list who you didn't realize had a British connection? Discuss here after voting