Poll: Existential Road Movies

As a poet said: "it's when you have reached the mountain top, that you shall begin to climb."... indeed, the real journey is always within ourselves. And there's an interesting narrative value in the road-movie format when it comes to character studies, especially with existential undertones, as if there was an inevitable parallel between the road taken by the protagonists, of known or uncertain destination, and the path to their own souls' discovery, with as many encounters as revelations of fascinating and contradictory aspects of their personalities. On that level, which of these existential road-movies, ranked by year of release, do you find the most fascinating? Discuss here (The movies have to be set in contemporary times, with a road trip playing a significant part to the plot. Fleeing or evading police or any authoritarian figure shouldn't be the main motive, the road trip is voluntary and freed from any sense of urgency)