Poll: Ennio Morricone - The Legendary Maestro

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Scene Defining Music in Movies

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Ennio Morricone's Best Oscar Nominated Score

Ennio Morricone is an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor and former trumpet player, who has written music for more than 500 motion pictures and television series, as well as contemporary classical works. His career includes a wide range of composition genres, making him one of the world's most versatile, prolific and influential film composers of all time. Morricone's music has been used in more than 60 award-winning films. He has been nominated for Oscar in Best Original Score 6 times. Among his 6 Oscar nominated original scores which one is your favorite? Discuss the list here

Movies of Redemption

On Easter, and the subsequent weeks, Christian religions celebrate a theme that most of the world's major religions share: redemption. Redemption is not necessarily religious, though: anytime someone makes up for past wrongs, seeks freedom from suffering, and finds peace through growth, there is redemption. It's when we get a glance of, what Abraham Lincoln called, "the better angels of our nature." The films below all share, in some way, the theme of redemption: which do you think best captures the spirit of redemption? Discuss here. Note: The films are listed in alphabetical order.

Waterfalls Featured in Movies/ Series

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IMDb Poll Board's Favorite Soundtrack

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Best Movie Starring Robert De Niro

Over the course of the years, there have been countless polls related to Robert De Niro... are you surprised? He's still considered one of the greatest actors of his generation, a New Hollywood icon and a model of talent and versatility... and who can resist that unique smile of his? But on August 17, 2019, and before the much anticipated release of The Irishman (2019), we're celebrating his 76th birthday and such a day can't go without (yes, another) tribute to the legendary actor with the mole, so for this occasion, here's a compilation of his Top 20 highest-rated films... and please, don't be angry if some favorite of yours are missing, it's not personal, strictly poll business, as De Niro said (or was it Pacino?) Which of these movies starring Robert De Niro is your personal favorite? After voting, you may be talkin' here

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Iconic Scores of the '80s

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The Vatican Film List: Religion

“Since the first public audience in Paris viewed the moving pictures prepared by the Lumière brothers in December 1895, the film industry has become a universal medium exercising a profound influence on the development of people’s attitudes and choices, and possessing a remarkable ability to influence public opinion and culture across all social and political frontiers.” Pope John Paul II In 1995, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of cinema, the Vatican compiled a list of 45 "great films". The 45 movies are divided into three categories: Religion, Values and Art. Which film of the Vatican film list 'Religion' is the best because of its religious significance? You may discuss the poll here See also: The Vatican Film List: Art — The Vatican Film List: Values

Ennio Morricone vs Sergio Leone

Former classmates Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone are most famous for their composer/director partnership of half a dozen films, five of which were Westerns. Leone passed away in 1989, after a career which saw him breathe life into a dying genre and make films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) and Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), whose style inspired countless imitators. Morricone, on the other hand, has gone on to compose scores for over 500 films and television series including The Mission (1986) and, more recently, The Hateful Eight (2015). Between the two, whose contribution to cinema do you value more? Discuss the list here

Scores That Give You Goosebumps

You know that sensation that just starts in your neck, a cold little thrill that goes all over your living body and makes you forget for one brief moment where you are... and you just leave the film, leave the place you are... and let the music leave its movie and you just live the music, whatever that strange sentence means. That's the power of music, that's the power of many scores that transcended their film and became something that inhabits you: they all have one thing in common, a specific moment that sends shivers down your spine and inspire your heart a cocktail of exhilarating sensations. These are the scores that give you goosebumps. Which of these powerful scores* has got the strongest effect on you? After voting, you might discuss the list here OSCAR WINNER Oscar nominee *on an emotional level; another poll will be dedicated to adventurous, thrilling or heart-pounding scores à la John Williams or Bernard Herrmann

Your Favorite Ennio Morricone Drama Soundtrack?

One of the greatest and most underrated composers of all time, Ennio Morricone will be best remembered for his late 60's/early 70's work on Spaggetti Westerns. Having scored a staggering 500+ films (and counting), Morricone has provided audiences with many memorable soundtracks. Selection is taken from his most highly regarded and award winning work. This poll focuses on his work in drama. From this list, which drama has your favorite Morricone score? Discuss the list here Choose Your Favorite Ennio Morricone Crime Soundtrack Here Choose Your Favorite Ennio Morricone Western Soundtrack Here Choose Your Favorite Ennio Morricone Horror Soundtrack Here

Best Palme d'Or (1980s)

The list of the nominated films for the Palme d'Or (perhaps the most prestigious film award) of the next Cannes International Film Festival has just been revealed. This is the perfect opportunity to rediscover the 55 movies that have obtained the Golden Palm... For this second part, which one of these movies, which obtained the Golden Palm during the 1980s, is your favorite? Discuss the list here. First part (1950-70s): list and poll. Third part (1990s) : list and poll. Fourth part (2000-2010s) : list and poll.

Movies Set in Forests

The Amazon is burning! The sky is dark and so are our prospects to keep our dear planet livable for our children... and we won't say we weren't warned. Sorry for the alarmist tone but let that tragedy be a reminder of how vulnerable and fragile our environment is and how vital to the healthiness of our planet forests in general and the Amazon in particular, are. So let's put a little green again over the red... Which of these movies mostly set in a forest is your favorite?* After voting, you may discuss the list here * movies set in forests or jungles, rated higher than 6.0 and Earth forests

Favorite score from AFI's 100 Years of Film Scores list?

Discuss here.

Best films about remorse and atonement

There are no second chances in life, except to feel remorse.” ? Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. This day have two important themes: atonement and repentance. From this list of movies about remorse and atonement, which one you think best portrayed this two themes? You will feel remorse if you don't discuss about this poll here