Poll: Best of Both Worlds: Color and Black & White

A poll by napierslogs

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All these titles have one thing in common, they are actually Latin nouns, names, adjectives or derivates from Latin verbs (with the exception of definite article 'the' that you might not consider and non included swords-and-sandals films like Gladiator (2000), Spartacus (1960) or Quo Vadis (1951), as they are more likely to have a Latin title) Which of these Latin-titled movies is your favorite? Discuss the list here, carpe diem and... Ars, Gratia, Artis!

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Released Alongside Classics

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Mayflies (Part 2)

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Favorite 1940s Fantasy Film

Was it because the war made people question the afterlife or because the after-war made them consider the precious, futile or somewhat volatile value of life; who knows? But let's just say that there was definitely something magical, disturbing or enchanting in the cinematic air of the 1940s... from animated music to costumed horror, whether in family-oriented dramas or heavenly comedies. So, which of these Fantasy movies of the 40s is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

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Great British Films on Postage Stamps

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The Best '90s Teen Movie

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Best Fictional City / Town / Village in A Movie

In which of these fictional movie cities/towns/villages would you like to live? (for a day or two, or forever if you like) Apply your citizen card here

The Most Original Film Since 2000

This list features 35 unique, inventive and innovative films. Which film is the most original film released since 2000. Discuss at the Poll Suggestion Board!

A Glimpse of Heaven

Which of these scenes in which we can see a glimpse of heaven is your favorite? A Glimpse of Hell here! Discuss the list here!

Top Rated WWII Movies

On September 1, 1939, German troops invaded Poland and ignited the fire of one of the deadliest and darkest chapters of humanity's history: World War II, a conflict of epic scale killing as many civilians as the millions of young men who served, the conflict reached unprecedented lows of barbarity but revealed the bravery of those who fought for a just cause. A conflict that still inspired countless books, stories and movies and that still fascinates us today... ... and it all started 80 Years ago. Celebrating that sad anniversary and remembering the 50 million people who died during the conflict, here are the WW2 movies rated at least 8.0 on IMDb, which one is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here