Poll: Woody Allen's Best Dramatic Movie.

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Wes Anderson’s Favorite Movies

From his quirky stylistic approach to his humorous take on dysfunctional relations, Wes Anderson is surely one of the best filmmakers from the current generation. He recently picked his 10 favorite films. While talking to New York Daily News or The Criterion Collection, Anderson told why he loved those movies. Which of these films, is your favorite? Discuss the list here.

Favorite Max von Sydow Performance

On March 8 2020 Swedish actor Max von Sydow passed away; he was 90 years old. During a career that lasted for 70 years, Von Sydow appeared in over 150 titles, both in American and European films. His work included many collaborations with Ingmar Bergman, and he was nominated, among many accollades, for two Oscars and two Golden Globes. In an interview with The Guardian, Martin Scorsese described him as "something like a consummate actor, with a pride in his art and a dedication to his craft that I've encountered in very few people in my life" As a homage to his career, tell us which is your favorite Max von Sydow performance? Poll by Pencho15 You can Discuss the poll here or vote in this other Max von Sydow poll

Prime Numbered Titles - 19

Prime Numbers create a unique sequence. The eighth prime number is 19. Which do you think is the best movie with a title length of 19 characters? English titles; Ignore whitespace; Minimum of 50,000 votes; IMDb rating of 7.0 or above Discuss the poll here

Face-Off: Woody & Diane Keaton vs. Woody & Mia Farrow

Between these two actresses who had a long-term partnership with Woody Allen, which partnership seems to be more fruitful? Discuss the list here.

What starts with "F" and best defines Thanksgiving for you?

Which of these 10 words starting with "F" best defines Thanksgiving for you? And Happy Thanksgiving! Discuss here

Infidelity - Whom Can You Forgive?

They all have been cheating on their spouses. Whom of these cheating husbands and wives in films can you (as member of the audience) most willingly forgive their infidelity? Note: You are voting for the person(s) doing the cheating, not for your favourite film! Discuss here

Favorite Four Word Named Title Group

From this list, what is your favorite four word title (movie or television) that names a group of people? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/233988143

How to Lose a Lover in 2 Hours

Vote here: http://www.imdb.com/poll/-9PQqEymD0Q/?ref_=po_fp You have been dating a very nice person for quite a while now and your partner is hellbent on tying the knot. You, however, are not ready for this commitment. Which film will you get them to watch with you in order to put the idea of marriage right out of their mind? Discuss the list here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/225142378

Movies That Were Disliked By Their Own Directors

Creating a motion picture is no easy task and despite filmmakers putting a great deal of effort in making a film they are not always satisfied with the final result. Which of the below examples of movies that were disliked by their own directors do you find the most surprising? Discuss the list here Note: Text in red indicates a quote from the director. See also: Films their stars disliked

Most creative decade for Woody Allen?

Woody Allen is in his sixth decade of movie making and his newest film, Magic in the Moonlight (2014), will be released at the end of July. Which decade do you think has been the greatest creatively for him? Discuss the list here

O', Brother, Sister, Who Art Thou?

You favorite of these siblings-with-issues films.

The Empire State Movies

The Empire State is the official nickname of New York. New York is nicknamed "The Empire State" for its national and global significance. Today people associate the nickname with the Empire State Building, but the nickname came first. The actual origin of New York's nickname is unknown; some sources credit George Washington, who referred to New York state in December 1784 as "at present the seat of the Empire" (source: statesymbolsusa.org). New York became the 11th state of the United States of America in 1788. These movies have a connection with New York. They are (partially) filmed there or it's a topic in the story. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with New York? You may discuss the poll here Click here to vote for other States of America

Sisters Are Doin' It For Each Other!

Which of these sister acts would you like to join? Discuss the list here * minimum 6.0 stars

Favorite Woody Allen Quote - Part I

December 1, 2015 mark the 80th anniversary of Woody Allen. This list of quotes by The Writer and Director from his Movies, Which is your favorite? See Part II HERE Discuss The Quotes HERE

The "Four-Billing" Test

It's not exactly the Bechdel test, but even the most arbitrary parameter can sometimes provide interesting insights. Let's call it the "Four-Billing" test for the sake of giving it a name. The following films have two things in common: they were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar and out of the 4 first credited cast-members, at least 3 are female (or 3 out of 5 given that the fifth one was nominated for an Oscar). 33 Best Picture nominees seem to pass the "Four-Billing" test for women, 8 of them were released in the past 10 years. Which one is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here Oscar nominee OSCAR WINNER

Favorite Woody Allen Film

These are the Top 10 Woody Allen Films as voted by the IMDb community. Which one is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

Which movie bookstore would you most like to visit?

Saturday, May 3 is California Bookstore Day. Similar to Record Store Day, indie bookstores take part and there are several CBD-only releases that will be available. Of these bookstores in movies, which would you most like to visit? Discuss the list here

IMDb Movie Top 250's One Day Wonders

As of 01 August 2017, there have been eighty one-day movie wonders on the IMDB Top 250 that appeared on the list only a single time. Opinions are divided on these titles, some would argue that for a particular movie that was one day too many, others believe a particular movie belongs to be on the current 250. That is what makes the IMDb Movie Top 250 so interesting is that no two people can agree on the same top 250. Source: One Day Wonder IMDb Movie Top 250 Snapshots Which is the most deserving movie to appear in the IMDb 250 only a single time? Discuss the topic here.

Films Directed by their Star and Nominated for Best Picture

What is your favorite Oscar-nominated film to be directed by one of the film's stars? Discuss this list here

Best Rom-Coms of the '80s

Which of these 1980's romantic-comedy films is your favourite? Discuss this poll here