Poll: Old School Hollywood Hunks

A poll by yrnej

Results of 678 votes:

  1. 128

    Paul Newman, c. 1955.

  2. 78

    Cary Grant C. 1955

  3. 50

    Gregory Peck

  4. 32

    Clark Gable, c. 1933.

  5. 31

    Errol Flynn

  6. 27

    James Garner

  7. 21

    James Stewart, 1936. Modern silver gelatin, 14x11, estate stamped. $600 © 1978 Ted Allan MPTV

  8. 20

    Gary Cooper

  9. 16

    Montgomery Clift 1948 MGM

  10. 14

    Laurence Olivier in "Rebecca." 1940 UA

  11. 13

    Gene Kelly c. 1944

  12. 13

    Kirk Douglas while filming "The Big Trees" 1952 Warner Bros.

  13. 10

    Rudolph Valentino Circa 1920 Paramount Pictures

  14. 10

    Tony Curtis c. 1952 **I.V.

  15. 6

    Burt Lancaster, 1953.

  16. 4

    "The Adventures of Superman" George Reeves C. 1956

  17. 4

    "Paris Blues" Sidney Poitier 1961 United Artists

  18. 1

    Desi Arnaz C. 1949

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