Poll: Most Anticipated Indian Movies of 2018

A poll by imdb_india_editors

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Favorite Movie Heroine of 2018

Although women fill less than one third of speaking roles and represent less than one third of named characters in movies, several strong and memorable female protagonists have come to life throughout cinematic history. To celebrate the emergence of more bold, brave, and colorful women and girls, which of these heroines from 2018 is your favorite? Speak your truth here. Vote for your Favorite Movie Heroine of 2017 here.

Top 10 Indian Movies of 2018

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Ranveer Singh's Outstanding Performance

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New in Theaters This Republic Day

IMDb users are looking forward to these Indian movies releasing on Republic Day. Which movie are you most interested in?

Most Noble 2018 Aristocratic Movie Portrayal?

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Multilingual Movies

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Highest Grossing Indian Movies of All Time

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