Poll: Cancer Directors

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Directors who know visual effects

This is a list of directors who have all directed at least three films with heavy use of visual effects in them. They often use varied techniques from relying heavily on CGI, to using more practical special effects. Which director do you believe does the best job of utilizing visual effects in his filmmaking? Discuss this Here

AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients (Part 1)

Which one of these 24 actors or directors, who have received the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award, is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

The Greatest Action Movie Director of All Time

Crash! Bang! Wallop! Who, in your opinion, is the greatest action movie director of all time? Special Mentions The following people are considered fine action movie directors but didn't quite make the list: Buster Keaton, William Wyler, Martin Campbell, Joe Carnahan, Louis Leterrier, George Miller, Guy Ritchie Discuss the list here

Directors' Doubles

Generally, directors make a movie every couple of years. But these directors made not just one movie in a year, but two! Which of these sets of movies from the same director that were both released in the same year is your favorite? Discuss it here

Golden Globes 2017: Most Deserving Winner?

Of the 2017 Golden Globes Award winners, which do you think was the most deserving? Discuss here See IMDb's Golden Globe coverage and features here

Paul Verhoeven Face-Off: 'RoboCop' vs. 'Total Recall' vs. 'Starship Troopers'

Triple Dutch is Paul Verhoeven’s trilogy of hyperviolent, satirical and subversive science-fiction movies made between 1987 and 1997. The stylistically similar threesome remain relevant today for their sociopolitical commentary, unique brand of satirical humor and devoted cult following. Which movie from Paul Verhoeven's triple dutch trilogy is your favorite: 'RoboCop' vs. 'Total Recall' vs. 'Starship Troopers'? Discuss the topic here.

Directors Who Get Existential

These directors have touched on existential themes in a deep way in several of their films, giving interesting results that lead to intense reflections. Which of these directors has made you reflect the most on your life with their existentialist films? Discuss here

Best XXI Century Directors

Recently BBC Culture unveiled a list of the 100 best films of the XXI Century. To compile it, BBC asked critics from all around the world to pick their 10 favorite films since 2000. Those with the most points made it to the list. In the ecclectic list, there are a few directors who managed to have at least two films on the list. Out of these directors with multiple mentions, who has the best films in the BBC list? Poll by Pencho15 Discuss the poll here

Imdb Top 250 Directors

This list contains those directors who have 4 or more films in Imdb Top 250. Which one of these excellent directors is your favorite ? Discuss Here

How close to an Oscar have you ever been?

"He has no genitalia and he's holding a sword" These are the words formulated by Dustin Hoffman when he was close enough to give a detailed description of the most coveted award of Cinema's history, a tad less passionate than Barbra Streisand's "Hello, gorgeous". As for the rest of us, although familiar with the look of the golden statuette, we never got close enough to check if Hoffman or Streisand's reactions were deserved. Or were we? Indeed, it is worth asking the question, how close to an Oscar have you ever been? (and we mean, physically!) Discuss the list here

Multiple Oscar Winning Directors

All of these directors have won the Oscar for Best Director more than once, with Frank Capra and William Wyler winning thrice and John Ford winning four times. Out of these legendary directors, whose films do you enjoy the most? Discuss this here.

Best Director Never Nominated for ''Best Director'' Oscar

The job of a Director is the most integral part of a motion picture. Many directors never get the spotlight they deserve and, in some cases, they don't get rewarded adequately by the Academy of Motion picture arts and Sciences(AMPAS) popularly known as Oscars. Who do you think is the best director who has never been nominated for a Best Director Oscar? Discuss here

MTV's Best New Filmmaker Award

From 1992 to 2002, MTV gave a movie award for the best new filmmaker. Who's career has most lived up to that early seen potential? Discuss here.

And the Nobel Prize Goes to... (IMDb Poll Board)

The Nobel Prize is an award bestowed to people who distinguished themselves in Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Physiology or Medicine, and Peace. Based on nominations by the IMDb Poll Board, which of these living directors would you give a Nobel Prize for Film? Discuss here

Directors and Their Long Films

Films can be pretty boring if their run-time is longer than expected. But, some movies need to be longer in order to give a better experience. Besides, not always do the longer movies bore us. Which of these directors make the best use of the time, in your opinion? Discuss the list here.

Academy Award for Best Director Goes to ... ?

After having a poll for Excellent Directors Who Never Won the Oscar here is a poll for some of the greatest directors of all time who have never won an Oscar for Directing, but still have a chance to win it. Here is the list. Which one of them do you wish to be the next Oscar winner? After voting, discuss here.

Best Oscar-nominated Directorial Debut

Emerald Fennell became the 25th director to score a Best Director nomination for her first film. She is the first woman to achieve this honor. Let's have a look at all 25 first-time directors who earned a Best Director nomination for their first film. In your opinion, which director made the most impressive debut? Discuss Here

Director for 40 Years or More

They have worked as directors for at least 40 years; who has had the best career over the years? Discuss this poll here

Most Visionary Science-Fiction Director?

These directors are notable for making some of the most popular and influential science-fiction films. Which one of these directors do you think is the greatest visionary when it comes to directing science-fiction films? Discuss here.

Saturn Award Winning Directors

The Saturn Awards were set up to honor genre films, especially Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Action. Which of these filmmakers who managed to win the Best Director Award is your favorite? Discuss here