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Best Movie That Scores an A+ With Audiences?

A word of mouth recommendation or condemnation for a film is worth ten critic reviews to most moviegoers. Based on that principle, Cinemascore was born and Hollywood has listened closely ever since. The entertainment market research company surveys moviegoers at major movie releases every opening night. Their polls condense movie related ratings and demographic information into a single distinctive CinemaScore grade measuring a movies' appeal among theater audiences. A coveted "A+" from Cinemascore score from opening night theater audiences is a rare occurrence. "A+" scores mean strong word of mouth business, repeated viewings and are the best industry guarantee of box office success. Since 1982, about ninety films have received the top mark averaging to about two movies per year. Cinemascore A+ Rated Movie List Which of these select films that scores a rare A+ Cinemascore with movie theater audiences would you grade top of its class? Take the companion poll: Best Movie That Earns an F From Audiences? Discuss the topic here.

Popular LGBTQ+ Films

Which of these LGBTQ+ films with a large number of votes on IMDb is your favorite? Discuss here

British LGBT+ History on Screen

February is LGBT+ History Month in the UK. Which of these British films or series based on or inspired by real people or events is your favorite? Discuss here after voting

Best Adapted Screenplay Winners in IMDb Top 250

These films breathed new life into these previously made stories and brought home the Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay for its excellent execution. The writers of these films drew their inspiration from a previously published source, whether it being a novel, play, short story or even another film. This would automatically render sequels adaptations by this standard, seeing as they continue the story of which was based on the previously adapted material. Which of these winners of the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay (in the IMDb Top 250 as of Aug 19, 2016) do you think were most faithful to its predecessor? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote for: Best Original Screenplay Winners in IMDb Top 250

The Best Thriller Movies of the 2010s

Which of these top-rated thriller movies of the 2010s is your favorite? Discuss here

Oscars 2015: Year of Biography

This year we've seen many biographical movies getting nominations for awards. Which biography feature film that is nominated in any category at the Academy Awards do you like most? Discuss the list

Best of 2010s films

This is the list of movies from this decade (2010-2015) that are part of IMDb's TOP 250. What is the best movie from this list? Discuss the list

Inspirational Movies About People Who Made a Difference

Which is your favorite inspirational movie about people who made a difference? Source and full list: IMDb Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

Pride at Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance

Called the "Big Five" film festivals, these are the most acclaimed film festivals in the world. Celebrating Pride Month, here are LGBTQ films that won the highest prize in each festival and are considered equivalent to Oscar's Best Picture. (Palme d'Or of Cannes Film Festival, Golden Lion of Venice Film Festival, Golden Bear of Berlin International Film Festival, People's Choice Award of Toronto International Film Festival and Grand Jury Prize of Sundance Film Festival.) Which one is your favorite? "Hope will never be silent." Harvey Milk March here

Best War Movie Posters

Here is the list of best war movies according to the imdb. Movies with a minimum 7.8 imdb rating and at least 100,000 votes. Which of these movie posters looks the best in your opinion? Discuss Here, After Voting.

Inspiration to become a Scientist

The release of The Theory of Everything (2014) has inspired an interest in the study of science. Which of these other films would best inspire an interest in a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)? Discuss poll here.

Best Picture, Oscars 2015

Which of these nominees most deserves to win the Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year? Discuss here Keep Track of how many you've seen. Interested in what IMDb users predicted before the announcement?

Alternate Storylines for Famous Films - Part I

Which of these alternate plots, based on the films' titles, do you find the most appealing? Discuss the list here See PART 2 here See PART 3 here See the JAMES BOND EDITION here See also: Movies Told from a Different Character's Perspective

Favorite Vincent van Gogh Biographical Movie

Out of the following Vincent van Gogh biographical movies, which is your favorite? After Voting, Discuss Here

LGBTQ Films of the 2010s

It’s a golden era for LGBTQ cinema. Films like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Call Me by Your Name’ have brought much-needed representation to the big screen, while delivering staggering cinematic experiences. This is a list of some of the best movies rated 7+ where protagonists belong to the LGBTQ community. Which of the following films do you like the most? After voting, discuss here.

Rotten Tomatoes 30 Best LGBTQ+ Movies

Rotten Tomatoes is an American review-aggregation website for film and television. Which is your favorite LGBTQ+ movie? Source: Rotten Tomatoes — 200 BEST LGBTQ+ MOVIES OF ALL TIME Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

Computer History — 01000011 01010000 01010101

Regarding COMPUTER HISTORY (early founders, corporations, inventions, culture) which movie/series is your favorite? Trivia: the numerical part of the title translated from binary code — the computer language — means: CPU, Central Processing Unit. (Binary to Text Translator here) Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

Best 'Adapted' Biopic

These are top 35 highest rated Biography genre films based on Adapted screenplays. Which one is your favorite? Discuss the list here Also Available: Best 'Original' Biopic

Best Picture Nominated Wartime Movies

Not every war-movie features war-scenes: many of them are essentially focused on the atmosphere, the mood or more simply the war as seen from the civilians' standpoint. This poll is about classic Best Picture Oscar-nominated "battle-less" war movies (the term "battle" loosely includes "soldier vs. soldier" shootouts or executions). Which of these classic wartime movies is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Battle of the Atlantic: 75th Anniversary Movie Poll

The Battle of the Atlantic has been called the "longest, largest, and most complex naval battle in history." The campaign lasted nearly six years from September 1939 until May 1945 and operationally covered a fifth of the earth's surface. Its engagements numbered more than a thousand during 100+ convoy crossings, as well as about another thousand in single-ship encounters. The human toll was probably the greatest of the war on both sides with a loss of more than a 100,000+ lost souls. Also staggering were both the material loss of much needed war supplies and the sinking of 5000 ships. 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the battle's conclusion with its latest movie depiction, Greyhound (2020), added to the interesting sub-genre. Source: Wikipedia Which of these movies set against the backdrop of the Battle of the Atlantic is your favorite film? Discuss the topic here.