Poll: Favorite Sports TV Series

A poll by CyrilMartin

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These are the highest rated pilot episodes of IMDb's Top 250 Live-Action TV Series. Which of these acclaimed episodes is your personal favorite? (The list doesn't include Mini-Series. In case of a tie, the episode with the higher number of votes is selected.) Discuss here.

Nike’s Laurel Wreath of Victory Goes to _____

Besides being the name of a shoe company, Nike is the Greek goddess of Victory, Speed and Strength (the Greek valued the last two in that order). She awarded the Laurel wreath of victory to winners in sports contests and in battle. When it came to war, she was Zeus’ chariot driver. She is the only winged Greek goddess. Her symbol is the same symbol that the shoe company uses. It represents her wings. Which of these 6.9 or better films that represents one of her attributes (contest or war victory, and contests of speed, and strength) would she give her award, the Laurel Wreath of Victory, to? Or better yet, you get to complete the sentence “And Nike’s Laurel Wreath of Victory goes to ______.” Submit your contestant’s entry forms here. Remember the contestant has to be 6.9 or higher and over 20,000 votes. You just can’t have slop representing a goddess. Why 6.9? That is the rating of the film that actually has her symbol appearing in it!

Movies Quotes Without the Letter "E"

As for French, the letter "e" is the most frequently used in the English language, and so it was a pretty tough job finding movie lines that didn't have an "e"... tough, but fun. So which bit of dialog (no less than four words) would you pick? To be also eligible, the lines must be in English (sorry but no "Hasta la vista, baby!" or "Gort! Klaatu Barada Nikto!) and without grammatical errors even though it's part of a dialect or informal speaking. "Ain't" or "gonna" are accepted since their more formal version "isn't" or "going to" don't use "e"s either. After voting, you might discuss the list here PS: French novelist George Perec (1936-1982) was famous for having written La Disparition, a novel in French that didn't contain the letter "e", he even managed to disappearing letter in the following terms I roughly translated as "an almost total « o » finishing with a dash" (see, no "e"!)

Emmys 2021 — Title Is or Has a Name

Which of the nominees at The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards (2021), whose title is or has a name, is your favorite? (Note: only productions with 3 or more nominations) Source: www.emmys.com PDF file Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

The Art of Manliness - Part 3 (1984-2005)

In 2009, the website The Art of Manliness published a list of "100 Must See Movies: The Essential Men’s Movie Library". Which of these movies has the most interesting things to say about manliness? You can also vote on Part 1 and Part 2 Discuss here

Best On-Screen Quarterback

A brief overview of a quarterback, which is a position in American Football, would be that the quarterback is the leader of the offense and touches the ball on every play. The player has to have a very high football IQ as he or she is the communicator between the coach and the rest of the offense while the game is underway. The quarterback needs to be able to read the opponents defensive coverage as well to be able to change their play to have optimal success. An ego (to a degree) is also needed to succeed at the position as the quarterback needs to believe that every play he or she personally calls or ball thrown will be successful. Other needs to be a good quarterback: Team player Cool Headed A Competitive Fire to win every game Clutch Physically Tough can withstand hits without too much compliant Field Vision to make correct reads Arm Strength to some degree but not most important trait Throwing Accuracy Which quarterback would you want making the plays for you under center? Discuss Here

Favorite 2018 Season from the IMDb Top 250 TV

Which 2018 Season of IMDb's Top 250 TV Shows is your favorite ? Discuss Here Also Vote for: 2017 << Favorite Season NOTE: Rankings mentioned are as of 5 January 2019 and are expected to change.

Coronavirus Has Ruined My Plans

What entertainment or travel plans have you had to abandon because of the current worldwide pandemic of 2020? We at the IMDb Poll Board are all wishing everyone good health throughout this crisis. Also if you or any of your loved ones think you may be suffering from Covid-19, please visit The C.D.C. if you reside in the USA, for up to date information. After voting, please discuss here.

Highest Rated TV Series on IMDb by Average Episode Rating

Series that have at least an average of 200 votes on each episode and with at least 10,000 votes are considered. Source Which among these is your favorite TV Series? Discuss here NOTE:Documentary/Mini-Series/Animated are not included.

Favorite Martial Arts TV Series

TV Series that have at least 10,000 votes and an IMDb rating of at least 8.0 are considered. Which of these is your favorite Martial Arts TV Series? Discuss here

Something Special in 21st Century Character Relationships

Colleagues, family members, business partners - unlikely friends or/and frenemies - those whose relationships are complicated by an unsolvable conflict or fundamental difference - throughout the whole story or at some point in it. What are your favorite non-romantic special connections between two or three main characters in the most acclaimed TV shows of the past two decades? Discuss here

The Golden State Movies

The Golden State is the official nickname of California. Between California's explosive growth following the discovery of gold in 1848, the fields of golden poppies that appear each spring throughout the state, the golden gate bridge, and the clear, golden coastal sunsets over the Pacific - California truly is the golden state! (source: statesymbolsusa.org). California became the 31st state of the United States of America in 1850. These movies have a connection with California. They are (partially) filmed there or it's a topic in the story. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with California? You may discuss the poll here Click here to vote for other States of America

I Didn't Get That Reference

Deadpool 2 (2018) is so chock full of references, that you may have missed a couple, or simply didn't understand the reference. What movie from the list have you not seen but would want to watch just to be in on the joke? Discuss Here

Most Searched TV Shows 2020

Which of these top 10 searched TV shows on Google in 2020 do you think was the most influential during the year? Also vote for: Most Searched Movies 2020 Discuss the poll here

Best TV Episodes of 2019

This poll contains the best rated TV episodes released in 2019 as voted by IMDb users. Which of them do you consider the best of all? Limited to one episode per tv series and a minimum of 500 votes. If your favourite episode is missing you can tell us about it here 2018 poll Poll by Pencho15

The Best 2010s TV Shows

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Face-Off: The Karate Kid

The remake vs. the original. Which is the best? You may discuss here

1980s Coming of Age Movie Retrospective

In retrospect, which of these well-regarded 1980s coming of age movies is the best movie? Discuss the topic here.

Favorite Fictional Movie or TV Football Team

American style football fans are unwavering in their support of their favorite professional, college, high school, Pop Warner or Pee Wee teams. Usually, there is a reason behind their loyalty to a particular team, be it geographical, a favored player or a team's style of play. Likewise, fictional movie and TV football teams earn similar fan praise with endearing characters and a compelling approach to the game. Which fictional movie or television American football team* earns your support by being the type of team you would root for? * football team must feature both a fictional team name and a fictional roster that never played together on the same team. Take other series polls: Favorite Fictional Movie or TV Baseball Team Discuss the topic here.

Emmys 2021 — Outstanding Comedy Series

Which of the nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series at The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards (2021) do you think should win? Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum