Poll: Most Iconic Scene from a Chaplin Movie

Accepting his honorary Oscar in 1971, Charlie Chaplin said: "This is an emotional moment for me and words seem so futile, so feeble...". Indeed, emotions can hardly be translated into words and without words, Chaplin touched the hearts of millions of people in the world, at times where laughs and cheers, trust and optimism were needed, and sometimes, the price for these laughs was one or two little tears. Like Disney for animation, Chaplin handled drama with the same talent as for comedy, providing necessary tears for movies mostly made of joy, because that's what humanity is made of. And only when the worst was to come for humanity, Chaplin spoke, finally, from the bottom of his heart, because there's a time for laughs, for tears and when it's called for, anger. Celebrating the 126th birthday of the emotional genius, a man of timeless and universal appeal, here's a simple question, which of these 25 scenes from his movies (short ones included) do you think is the most iconic? Discuss here Unfortunately, some pics weren't available, so the films' posters were used as illustrations.


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