Poll: Unknown Canuxploitation Flicks, Eh?

"Canuxploitation is a film genre that encompasses B-movies made in Canada, especially those produced throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s to take advantage of government tax incentives. Often derided or outright ignored by Canadian critics and cultural historians, these horror, science fiction, comedy, action and exploitation [films] present viewers with a film legacy that challenges a traditional understanding of Canadian movies as either languid art films or happy tales of Prairie life." Source: Urban Dictionary Which of these relatively unknown* (pre2000) Canuxploitation horror films best deserves a Rifftrax commentary track? Join us Canadian keeners and Canadian-wannabes and we'll have a beaut of a Loonie's worth of a discussion over here. *Under 10000 IMDb ratings; IMDb average rating no higher than 6.0; Films that were never given a previous Rifftrax commentary track.