Poll: Bad Teacher

A poll by Karloffs

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Cameron Diaz Knows When to Quit

Cameron Diaz recently announced that she has retired from acting. She is 45 years old (41 when she played her last part) and joins other stars who decided to stop acting at a fairly young age - Greta Garbo (36), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (23), Phoebe Cates (38) and more. While we each have our favorite films and characters, which of her most popular film characters will future audiences consider Cameron's signature role? Discuss the list here

Slackers R Us

Which of these slackers would you like to get to know better? Leisurely discuss your answer here... if you want to: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/nest/234718591

Best Musical Performance by an Actor in a Film?

You may have seen the musical performances in the films below, but did you know that the actors were actually singing and playing instruments themselves? Some already had some musical chops and got to show them off onscreen; other actors actually learned their musical skills in a relatively short time for a particular film. Of the actors below, which do you think gave the best musical performance onscreen? (Note: Because so many actors either sing or play an instrument in a movie, only actors who both sing and play an instrument are included in this poll. Also, no actors who are primarily known as musical artists are included.) Discuss or applaud here.

So Adorkable!

Which of these movie nerds played by non-geeky-looking actors would you say is the most "adorkable"? After voting, you may discuss the list here

Meanest Movie Teacher

Which of these mean movie characters do you want LEAST to be your teacher? Discuss Here

Arnold Schwarzenegger One-Liners

Arnold Schwarzenegger has played many different roles. And in those roles, he has expressed a lot of famous quotes. Such as "Put the cookie down!". Or "Get to the Chopper!". But which of these 33 quotes is your favorite? I only chose 33 because there are far too many to choose from. So which one is your favorite? Discuss here.

Raising Some Eyebrows

Which of these male actors would win the Coolest Eyebrow-Raising Contest? Discuss here

This Miracle Happened To Me

Hanukkah is all about miracles and our ability to appreciate the good things in our life. Miracles happen all the time, but we don't always notice them, sometimes we get so involved in our lives, that we don't appreciate the positive aspects of our lives. So which miracle from this list happened to you? Not all of these things are defined as miracles, as we usually think about the definition of the word miracle, but it's not something we should take for granted -not everyone has a loving family or find true love. If there is more than one, select the option that you believe is most important to you. We would appreciate if you share your story here

Most Hated Movie Characters

Sometimes, a character is so despicable, obnoxious or just plain dumb in a movie that we end up almost hating the actor in real life. Our brain is weird like that sometimes. Which is the most hated character portrayed in a movie? Discuss this poll here