Poll: Call This Guy's Agent

A poll by horn-5

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Director Trademarks

These talented auteurs all exhibit a near instantly recognizable style in their films - so recognizable in fact, that it doesn't take their viewers long to know whose film they are watching upon beginning. This could mean recurring themes, special effects or a general tone with which we've come to associate these directors. Rather than asking which director is your favorite, which of these director's trademarks do you find MOST RECOGNIZABLE? Source: http://www.cinelinx.com/topics/director-trademarks.html After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Animated Characters with Oscar-Winning Voices

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Seminal Movie Villains

Stories are always as good as their villains, they create the conflict, they drive the hero's journey and their eventual demise is integral to the viewer's satisfaction. In other words, they make the story. And these are the ones who made the earliest stories, if not the first, technically speaking, they made the first real impact on viewers, and forged the archetype that prevailed for years and years, in their respective genres. So, which of these 'seminal' villains would you say was the most influential? Discuss the list here (discounting from the list, the "train" arriving at La Ciotat or the boy stepping on the hose in the "Sprinkled Sprinkler", as these shorts weren't meant as movies in our usual terms of references)

People at 100 in 2019

People born in 1919 are now 100 years old. This poll includes the most popular 35 people born in 1919. Whose lifetime contribution to his/her respective industry have you enjoyed most? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. 2018 << People at 100 in

David Lynch's Muse

After 26 years, Twin Peaks (2017) returns on May 21st on Showtime. Over the course of his career, the show's creator David Lynch has collaborated with several people on multiple occasions. Which of these individuals is your favorite frequent David Lynch collaborator? Discuss the list here!

Which male gave the greatest performance in a Mike Nichols film?

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Horrible Movie Bosses

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Which of the "12 Angry Men" are you?

"12 Angry Men" is a fantastic ensemble study illustrating the way personalities can influence convictions, the way a few people can monopolize the talk and the way a silent majority is eager to follow the ones who aggressively express their thoughts. At the end, it's all about the courage it takes to be the lone dissenter and use a constructive, polite and logical reasoning that can destroy any 'truth' taken for granted. And the cast, one of the best ever featured in film, offers an insightful examination of many subtle nuances that can enrich a male adult demography, played with such believability every one could identify with one of the jurors. So, which of the 12 jurors did you most identify with? And if you have a reasonable doubt, just watch the film again (or will it be the first time?) to make up your mind. Discuss here

Premiere Magazine's 25 Best Movie Posters Ever

Before it ceased circulation, the late, great Premiere Magazine listed its "25 Best Movie Posters Ever." Which of these do you think is the greatest? Discuss the list here *the text accompanying the images is from the original Premiere feature.

Most Surprising Box Office Fact

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Favorite WWII Real Portrayals by an Actor

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Face Reveal Scenes in Movies

These films were filled with action, suspense and some considerable character development, but many were shielding us from knowing the faces of one of its chief subjects. And when that moment finally came, it was often climactic and surprising. Maybe it was finally unveiling the ugliness the character always tried to hide or maybe it was a subtle cue that the character, and their secrets, have now been, or will be, revealed in the story. Which of these face reveal scenes satisfied you the most? Discuss the list SPOILER: here.

Fathers of Nature

Which of these animal fathers would you want for your own? Discuss the list here Vote for Mothers of Nature here

I Want to Party With...

For many of us New Years Eve is party time. With which of these characters from films would you like to party through the night and meet the New Year? Discuss here

Which vampire hunter would you trust to keep you alive?

Vampires are out to suck your blood, but you prefer to keep it where it is. Which of these dedicated* vampire hunters would you want by your side to keep you safe when walking out in the dark? * Dedicated; vampire hunter by choice, not by unfortunate twists of fate (sorry From Dusk Till Dawn fans) Discuss the list here.

Favorite Gangster in AFI's Top 10 Gangster Films

Presented by the American Film Institute (AFI) are Top 10 Lists of the Greatest Films ever made for a specific genre. In AFI's Top 10 Gangster Films, which notorious hoodlum portrayed in a gangster film would be your favorite? [Please note: I have tried to pick the character that showed the most power/control in each film. Therefore, in a movie like Goodfellas with so many great gangsters, I chose Jimmy Conway as he was the 'main' man.] After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Hitchcock Scenes that Give You Vertigo

Acrophobia, or fear of heights, is explicitly mentioned in Vertigo. However, director Alfred Hitchcock was notorious for using altitudes in other movies as well. In fact, he seemed to be spellbound by them and the suspicion is that in the mind of the 'master of suspense', physical high points and emotional highlights were linked together. From these Hitchcock scenes involving heights, abysses, and falls, which most likely gives you vertigo? SPOILERS ahead! Discuss here Thank you urbanemovies for contributions to the options!