Poll: Happy Father's Day

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Bespectacled Characters (Part I: Movies)

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R.I.P. Sean Connery

The IMDb Poll Board Users are very sad to hear that Sir Sean Connery passed away on 10/31/2020. Our condolences go to his wife and his family. Before going into acting, Connery had many different jobs, such as milkman, lorry driver, laborer, and bodybuilder. At the age of 23 he had the chance to become a professional football player, but decided to join the movie business. For his success as an actor, he was knighted by Queen Elisabeth II on 06/05/2000 as a Knight Bachelor. He wore a traditional Scottish kilt at the ceremony. Most of his characters were sympathetic lead characters, like his signature role as the MI6 secret agent James Bond in the James Bond movies based on the books of Ian Fleming. Sean Connery was versatile and his range was wide: Once he played an environment scientist, another time played a submarine captain, and once a monk. His tremendously strong and charismatic personality impressed and entertained the audiences for decades. Which of his performances would you consider to be his strongest? Tell us here.