Poll: Most Beautiful Actresses Born in the 1920s

A poll by Paulo_Clemente

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Best Dressed Hall of Fame Actresses

The International Best Dressed List was founded by fashionista Eleanor Lambert in 1940 as an attempt to boost the reputation of American fashion at the time. Names have been added to it ever since. The International Best-Dressed List Hall of Fame (as of August 2014) includes royalty and aristocracy, billionaires and socialites, fashion designers and politicians, even one lady listed simply as 'mother of three children', from all over the world. It also includes a few actresses: the ones listed below. Which of these actresses do you consider the best dressed? (listed in alphabetical order) Discuss here

Oscar Nominees at the Age of 31

As IMDb gets older, the number of Oscar winners and nominees of the same age gets higher and higher, to give you an idea, in two years, we've gained more than 20 entries. And this is why for the second (and certainly not the last) time, the celebration of IMDb's 31st Anniversary will be made into two separate lists. So here's the first list of performances that earned their actors and actresses an Oscar nomination on the year of their 31st birthday. Which of these performances (ranked chronologically) would you consider your favorite? After the vote, you might discuss the list here (oh, and the * refers to a supporting role) As usual, it's very likely that the actor/actress might not have turned 31 (or 32) before the actual date of the ceremony, but using the same convention as for the last six editions, the age 31 is simply the result of a simple subtraction of years. "25th Anniversary" Poll (2015) "26th Anniversary" Poll (2016) "27th Anniversary" Poll (2017) "28th Anniversary" Poll (2018) "29th Anniversary" Poll (2019) "30th edition -Nominees" & "30th edition - Winners" (2020)

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Year 2021 marks Satyajit Ray's 100th birth anniversary. He is probably the biggest and most renowned filmmaker from India. His 'Apu Trilogy' is ranked among the greatest in the history of world cinema. He has been an inspiration to a lot of Hollywood filmmakers. Which of the praises from some renowned personalities do you find the most appropriate? Discuss the poll here Source: 11 Greatest Filmmakers Who Were Inspired By Satyajit Ray

Hepburn vs Hepburn

They both were leading ladies of the 20th century. They both were superstars of their time. They both were called Hepburn. And that's about as far as the similarities go. One was American, the other was European. One was a redhead, the other a brunette. One is Katharine, the other is Audrey. Which of them do you prefer? Discuss here

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Classic Actors in Modern Movies

James Dean has reportedly been posthumously cast in an upcoming Vietnam War film. Let's make our own imaginary casting choices. Which classic actor would you cast in a modern film or franchise? Discuss here or add your own casting

That's Not My Name!!

Pen names are a celebrity tradition that have been around for centuries. Constantly, famous people are going under names that aren't actually their own, Which celebrities' real name surprised you the most? Part Two HERE Tell Us Your Real Name!! HERE

Hollywood Biopic You Would Most Want to See

There have been a lot of great biopics over the years (Schindler's List, Goodfellas, etc.) including some focused on Hollywood players like The Aviator. However, there have been plenty of talented actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc. that have never had a popular biography movie based on them. Who from the list below would you most like to see have their lives be the focus of a movie? Discuss the list here

Top 25 Inspirational Quotes by Famous Personalities

This poll is in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IMDb. Which of these 25 quotes by famous personalities do you consider as the most inspirational? You may discuss the poll here.

Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award: Favorite Recipient (1988-Present)

The Cecil B. DeMille Award is an honorary Golden Globe Award bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for "outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment". It was first presented on February 21, 1952 at the 9th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony and is named in honor of its first recipient, director Cecil B. DeMille. Honorees are selected by the HFPA board of directors and are presented annually (except for 1976 and 2008). Who is your favorite recipient of Cecil B. DeMille Award from 1988 to present day? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. (1952-1987) <<< Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award: Favorite Recipient

AFI's Unlisted Hollywood Female Legends

Following the male edition, here's the version dedicated to female icons. Indeed, just like for actors, the AFI unveiled its Top 25 actresses of the 20th century, female legends who graced the silver screen during Hollywood Golden Age (movie debut in or before 1950). Have a look at this list and you'll notice some other infuriating and disappointing absences of classic era female icons. Which of these actresses' absence do you find the most (unpleasantly) surprising? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Double-Barrelled Hyphenated Surnames

In the Western tradition of surnames, there are several types of double surname (or double-barrelled surname). In British tradition, a double surname is heritable and mostly taken in order to preserve a family name that would have become extinct due to the absence of male descendants bearing the name, connected to the inheritance of a family estate. If the two names are joined with a hyphen, it may also be called a hyphenated surname. Which is your favorite actor/actress (or celebrity) with a double-barrelled hyphenated surname? Join the Discussion Here in the IMDb Poll Community Forum

Your Father's Favorite Actress

Who is (or was) your father's favorite actress? Apologies to your father if his favorite is not on the list. Add your write-in here Also vote for your mother's favorite actor!