Poll: Is FF Coppola to blame for all the horrible sequels we've had to endure?

In a recent episode of The Director's Chair (2014), Robert Rodriguez posited that with The Godfather: Part II (1974), Francis Ford Coppola "created the whole sequel thing," and Coppola shrugged and admitted that, yes, probably he had. Of course there were sequels before The Godfather: Part II, but hardly any of them were called "Part II." They usually had titles with the lead character's name in it and some other info; for example, the first four films in the 23-film "Andy Hardy" series were named A Family Affair (1937), You're Only Young Once (1937), Judge Hardy's Children (1938) and Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938). And sequels NEVER received the kind of adulation that The Godfather: Part II did. After that, Hollywood went sequel wild, to the point where it can seem like half the films released are sequels (or reboots). So (to boil it down to a tiny kernel of possible truth), is the state of film today Coppola's fault? Would you sacrifice the legendary film The Godfather: Part II in order to possibly prevent all the horrible sequels we've been subjected to never being made? Discuss the list here