Poll: Even Cooler "Game of Thrones" Swords and Weapons

According the Los Angeles Times: "From the moment in the pilot when Ned Stark beheads a Night’s Watch deserter with his imposing Valyrian steel longsword, weapons of every manner — blades, axes, arrows, bows, cudgels, clubs and more — have played a crucial role in the brutal universe of “Game of Thrones.” And as the show’s weapons master, Tommy Dunne and his team designed and built all of them, from Arya’s beloved Needle to the swords, shields and scabbards of the Lannister army. If it’s sharp and lethal, then Dunne (and his team) made it." Dunne, you might remember from his cameo in the opening scene of the fourth season, as the Volantene armorer who was hired by Tywin Lannister to melt down Ned Stark’s sword 'Ice' to create two new Valyrian steel swords, Jamie Lannister's 'Oathkeeper' (gifted to Brienne of Tarth) and Joffrey Baratheon's 'Widow's Wail' (now owned by Jamie Lannister). As the "Game of Thrones" series has progressed, the weapons have gotten better, more creative and more intriguing. The pinnacle came in the final season's weapon collection, which Dunne called his biggest challenge ever. Which of these selected "Game of Thrones" swords or weapons is cooler than all the others? SPOILER ALERT: Poll images may reveal Game of Thrones (2011) swords, weapons and plot points through the 2019 season. Vote in the original GoT swords or weapons poll: Coolest GoT Sword or Weapon Discuss the topic here or take other GoT polls.


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