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Biggest Movie Losers

These are movie characters who are perpetual losers, because their life, their circumstances or simply their environment is keeping them down. But they fight and some of them don't give up aiming for a normal condition. Which of these struggling, losing characters below is the most interesting to you? (The loser has to be from movies rated minimum 6.5/10 stars on IMDb. No animation allowed but characters can be either from real life or fictional. One exception: When the loser is so significant that he's worth standing next to the other losers below, the movie can be rated down to 5.5/10.) Discuss here. A special thank you to Dan Dassow, Jen & Djesika, who helped me so much correcting my typos.

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A Poll Story

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I bet 2000's kids will be most nostalgic about...

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Pink Purple Posters

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2016 MTV Movie Awards

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards took place on Sunday April 10th. Which winner do you think was most deserving in taking home the "bucket of gilded popcorn" in its category? Discuss Here

Who Can It Be Knocking At My Door

Who can it be now? Men at Work? The Postman? Cable Guy? The Cop? These are People at the Door. Knocking or Not! Oh, watch out for the axe wielding people! They never knock. As Jar Jar Binks would say. "How Wude" What photo is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.

Favorite Batman?

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Most beautiful movie wedding dress?

*I had to limit this to dresses that had images on IMDb, unfortunately. Special shout-out to Maria's dress in Sound of Music...alas, no photo on here! Vote for part two here Vote for part three here Discuss the list here

Favorite Sci-Fi Movie Poster

With which of the posters from the 35 Highest Rated Sci-Fi Feature Films With At Least 25000 Votes would you most like to decorate your room? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote for your favorite Horror and Film-Noir posters. Also vote for: Movie Poster Clichés Part 1 and Part 2

1990s IMDb Toppers

Which of these IMDb toppers of the 1990s in various categories did you enjoy the most? After voting, you may discuss the poll here. 1980s <<< IMDb Toppers