Poll: Face-Off: Remembering Richard Donner

Film director Richard Donner passed away on July 5, 2021. He was 91 years old. Donner's career spanned six decades and after starting in television, he jumped into movies where he got to be considered as one of the most influental architects of the blockbuster era. In the words of The Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw, "The story of Richard Donner is the story of Hollywood from the 1980s onwards: horror, superheroes, action and franchise properties. Donner gave all of it a human touch." He is considered as the inventor of the comic-book movies as we know them, thanks to his work in Superman (1978), as the reinventor of buddy movies with Lethal Weapon (1987), and as one of the beginners of modern horror with The Omen (1976). For which of those three roles do you think he will be best remembered? You can also vote for your Favorite Richard Donner Film. Discuss Here. Poll by Pencho15