Poll: B-Movie Memorabilia!

B-Movie fans, this is for you. As a lover of cheesy films, MST3K, and RiffTrax myself, I know how it is. Those movies are downright awful, but you love them. You love the bad acting, poor film quality, corny dialogue, cheap effects, and nonsensical plot. A lot of people would pay anything to own memorabilia from their favorite pop culture: such as Indiana Jones' whip, Katniss Everdeen's Mocking Jay pin, or something Steamboat Willie-related. While those things are all well and good, we'd rather spend our money on more important things - iconic items from our favorite B-movies. (Plus, since no one else cares, these things are cheap, or quite possibly free!) So, if objects actually used on set of these cheesy movies went up for sale, which one would you want to display in your case? I guess you could call these items memora'B'ilia! Ha ha ha!... sorry. Discuss here!


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