Poll: The "2018" Connection

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Case Study for a Psychologist

You're a psychology student and have to write a case study. Which of these mentally afflicted characters (all Oscar nominated or winning performances) would you choose as subject for your paper? May contain SPOILERS as the mental state of some of the characters is only revealed in the course of the film, or at the end. Discuss here.

Best Joaquin Phoenix Performance

Which performance by Joaquin Phoenix is the best? Discuss the list here!

Worst Dates in Movies

Which of these movie dates do you think is the worst? Discuss the list here!

Stan Lee Cameos

Stan Lee often makes cameo appearances in the films made from his comics. Which of his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is your favorite? Discuss here.

Best Film Directed By Paul Thomas Anderson

Which one of these is your favorite film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson ? Discuss Here

My eyes are...

What color are your eyes? Discuss the poll here

Posters: Trio Portraits

Which of these portrait movie posters displaying only three people is your favorite? Tip: View the posters fully in a slideshow before voting. Click here to open the slideshow. Discuss here More: Solo Portraits: Part I | Solo Portraits: Part II | Duo Portraits | Quartet Portraits | One-Eyed Portraits

Fictional Photographers

Which of these fictional photographers would you want to take your picture? Discuss the list here!

Brainwashed Movie Characters

These characters were brainwashed, either partially or wholly, against their will. This excludes characters like Joel Barish from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) who voluntarily chose to erase his memory. It also excludes characters that had a lobotomy like R.P. McMurphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975). Which of these characters, and their altered memory, did you find, ironically, the most memorable? After voting, you may voluntarily recall your thoughts here.

School Subjects

Subjects are the parts into which learning can be divided. Here are some of the common subjects at school. What is/was your favorite subject or which do you find most interesting? Discuss here

The Most Beautiful Shots in Movie History

Based on the article "129 Of The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History" by Dan Dalton, here are 35 of the most beautiful shots in movie history. For a better experience, first watch this video "The Most Beautiful Shots In Movie History". Which of these shots is your favorite? Discuss here ______________________________________________________ Live Poll: Part II *(there are some changes in the article's images with that of the video)

Face-Off: Hulk Solo Movies

Which solo Hulk movie is your favorite? You may discuss here

What if They Kept the Fake Working Title? (Part 2)

Fake working titles are sometimes used to hide the true nature of a film, for example to avoid unwanted public attention or political interference/censorship. (Source: IMDb Contributor) If these movies kept their fake working title, which movie-title combination is the weirdest? You may discuss the poll here See also: What if They Kept the Fake Working Title? (Part 1) Why Not The Working Title?

Favourite Film Directed By Ang Lee

Which one of these is your favorite film directed by Ang Lee ? Discuss Here

Most Intense Movie Scenes - Part III

Specific intense movies scenes. Who doesn't know one? According to IMDb Poll Board Users there are scenes in some movies that are so intense with emotion or situation or a special twist, that you will never forget it again. Which of the intense scenes below is your pick? (Feel free to vote, even if you saw just a few of these movies.) This is the third part of an intense-movies-scenes-poll-series. This time only movies rated at last 7/10 and above and with completely different subjects. Discuss here. Live-poll Part I Live-poll Part II

Favorite Amy Adams Movie

She's now been in Hollywood for fifteen years and has five Oscar nominations. Which of the Amy Adam's theatrical films is has your favorite Adam's performance? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/229897048

Best Joaquin Phoenix Movie

Which movie starring Joaquin Phoenix is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

For Which Film Should Amy Adams Have Won An Oscar?

Amy Adams has been nominated for five acting Academy Awards in the past ten years, but has not taken home any Oscars. During this same period, she has six Golden Globe nominations (with two wins) and five BAFTA Award nominations (no wins). For which of these award nominated roles should she have won an Oscar (actual winners are listed in the notes section)? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/242550827 Editor's note: As of this posting, Amy Adams is also leading in our "Alliterative Attractive Actresses 'The Finals" (a.k.a. Lusciously Lovely Leading Ladies)" poll. You may vote for that poll here: http://www.imdb.com/poll/vcIvBZfhrC4/?ref_=po_ho

The 25 Most Beautiful Movies of the 21st Century

Taste of Cinema chose 25 films as the most visually exquisite of this century so far. Which one do you most agree with? Discuss here after voting

P.T. Anderson Films

Which movie directed by Paul Thomas Anderson is your favorite? Discuss here