Poll: Producers Guild Awards — Best Kramer Recipient?

The unique Stanley Kramer Award is an award given by the Producers Guild of America to annually recognize "a production, producer or other individuals whose achievement or contribution illuminates and raises public awareness of important social issues." The award's namesake, Stanley Kramer was an independent producer and director known for being on the leading edge of many social issues with his famous "message films". He brought attention to topical social issues that most Hollywood studios avoided, such as racism, nuclear war, greed, creationism vs. evolution and the causes and effects of fascism. Director-Producer Steven Spielberg described Stanley Kramer as an "incredibly talented visionary, ... (and) one of our great filmmakers, not just for the art and passion he put on screen, but for the impact he has made on the conscience of the world." Source: Wikipedia Which movie or person recognized for their "raising of public awareness on provocative social issues" is the most deserving PGA Stanley Kramer Award recipient? Discuss the topic here.


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