Poll: How Do You Like Your Eastwood?

The roles of Clint Eastwood seem to be grouped into cowboy, criminal, military (soldier), policeman, and other. Sometimes the roles combined two of them like a Marshall in a Western (‘Hang Em High’). Plus Eastwood did create a few iconic roles while playing these different types. As an actor, what did you enjoy Clint Eastwood the most as? A Cowboy? A Criminal? A Soldier (I.E. Military Serviceman)? A Policeman? Or Other? Discuss the topic here and do like Eastwood said in ‘The Gauntlet’, “Nag! Nag! Nag!” Note: upon doing a tiny bit of research, the Secret Service guarding the U. S. President is considered a branch of Law enforcement (‘In The Line Of Fire’) and under The National Security Act Of 1947, covert C.I.A. action is concidered a military operation (‘The Eiger Sanction’).