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Love's Strange With Lea Thompson

In the mid-80's, Lea Thompson starred in both the famous and the infamous of science-fiction, Back to the Future (1985) and Howard the Duck (1986). The two films didn't exactly get the same reception and recognition throughout the years, but what they had in common, besides the genre, was that they both starred Lea Thompson and in both films, she was involved in quite disturbing romances. Granted Lorraine didn't know Marty was her son and Howard was an 'anthropomorphic' duck; it's quite difficult to overlook the Oedipal and 'interspecial' undertones of each relationship... regardless of your personal appreciation of each film. Which of these two romances, culminating with one cringe-worthy kiss, was the most disturbing? After voting, you might discuss the list here

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Favorite TV Bartender?

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Most Iconic Scene from a Scorsese Movie?

Martin Scorsese is one of the most acclaimed American directors of all time. His films often explore themes such as Sicilian-American identity, Roman Catholic concepts of guilt and redemption, machismo, modern crime, and gang conflict. Despite this, he has an incredibly varied and accessible filmography that includes a romantic drama, a taut urban cop thriller, an oddball comedy and a religious period film. Which scene from his movies, as nominated by IMDB's Poll Board Members, do you feel is the most iconic of his filmography? See also: Most Iconic Scene from a Spielberg Movie? Most Iconic Scene from a Christopher Nolan Movie Most Iconic Scene from a James Cameron Movie? Discuss the list here