Poll: One-Shot Wonders on "Seinfeld"

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The term "final girl" refers to a character, usually young, innocent and female, who is the final person still alive at the end of a horror movie. She is the perpetual "one who got away." There are nearly as many final girls as there are horror movies. There is, however, a small group of elite, long-lived characters who have been the final girl multiple times. Which of these extra special final girls is the one you root for to survive? Want to talk about it? Click here! * minimum four films as the same character

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From this list of quotes by Chandler Bing from Friends (1994), which is your favorite? See part 1 here. Discuss here

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Iconic Friendships

Which of these friendships do you consider to be the strongest? Discuss the list here!

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Actors' Production Companies

Which of these actors' production companies has the most interesting name? Discuss the list here

The Most Impressive Scream Queen ... or King

Scream queens are women in horror movies who scream on facing dangerous situations. It can be the threat of a psychopath or a wild animal or anything else able to hurt or even kill them. No matter what - they are clearly in the role of the threatened victim, even though they might defend themselves or at last strike back. This time there are also male screamers. Which of them do you think is the most impressive scream queen or king to you? (Please count the all-in-all-impression, not the amount of roles and feel invited to vote even when you have seen just a few of them) Help them here.

Which of These Sitcom Groups Would You Most Like to Hang Out With?

Every sitcom has a group of characters that goof off and get into wacky situations together, but in the end they are loyal and close. Sometimes they're family, and sometimes they're just friends. Which troop would you most like to be a part of? Note: Most of these are older, "classic" sitcoms. Please discuss here.

The Most Wonderful Hollywood Actress Aged 55+ Part II

Growing old is a pain for many people; some even say the main part of life is over at 60. But some people don't count on their age; they don't despair and enjoy their life better than before. When you look at such people as Sir Sean Connery or Sean Bean, you might realize that growing old can be nice when you have a rich and lovely personality. This also counts for many Hollywood actresses. Now look at these actresses 55+ of age. Which of them is your favorite? Tell me about her. ___________________________________________________ Please also try the first part of this poll.

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From this list of quotes by Chandler Bing from Friends (1994), which is your favorite? See part 2 here. Discuss here

Face-Off: Ross & Rachel vs Chandler & Monica

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Most beautiful actress represented by Ford Models?

Eileen Ford, founder with her husband of Ford Models, passed away on July 9th. Since it's founding in 1946, Ford Models has become one of the best known international modeling agencies in the world. They have repped many models who have since become full-time actresses. Which of these do you think was the most beautiful at their peak? Discuss the list here

Face-Off: Smelly Cat vs. Soft Kitty

If you don't know what this means you need to watch Friends (1994) and The Big Bang Theory (2007). "Smelly Cat" is the product of Phoebe Buffay's musical talent and "Soft Kitty" is the song Sheldon Cooper's mother used to sing to him when he was sick. Which song is your favorite? Discuss here.

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I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You...

People in horror films make often notoriously bad decisions... Which is these bad decisions is one that causes you to roll your eyes? Here's some inspiration to help fill out this list: http://www.horror-movies.ca/horror-movie-cliches/ http://www.tasteofcinema.com/2013/10-stupid-horror-movie-characters-who-deserved-to-die/ Have some new suggestions? Find the image on the IMDb and the snarky phrase and we'll add it. http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/226976552?d=226976552#226976552

Who will be your Santa?

Which of these Santas would you like to have calling at your house this Christmas? Contact the Santa agency here

Best Friends Who Fall in Love

Which of these friends who fall in love is your favorite couple? Discuss the list here!

Movie Stars in Music Videos

Which movie star gave the best performance in music video? Discuss Here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/236337971