Poll: Life on a Submarine

A poll by cartman_1337

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Bickering Couples

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Paul Thomas Anderson’s Favorite Movies

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the most revered directors of his generation. He had listed 55 of his favorite movies which was compiled by Cigarettes & Red Vines. This list includes 30 films from the list. Which of these films is your favorite? Discuss the list here.

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Claustrophobics...STAY AWAY!

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Battle of the Atlantic: 75th Anniversary Movie Poll

The Battle of the Atlantic has been called the "longest, largest, and most complex naval battle in history." The campaign lasted nearly six years from September 1939 until May 1945 and operationally covered a fifth of the earth's surface. Its engagements numbered more than a thousand during 100+ convoy crossings, as well as about another thousand in single-ship encounters. The human toll was probably the greatest of the war on both sides with a loss of more than a 100,000+ lost souls. Also staggering were both the material loss of much needed war supplies and the sinking of 5000 ships. 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the battle's conclusion with its latest movie depiction, Greyhound (2020), added to the interesting sub-genre. Source: Wikipedia Which of these movies set against the backdrop of the Battle of the Atlantic is your favorite film? Discuss the topic here.

Match Made in Heaven

Listed below are couples that might seem a match made in heaven. Of course, they never existed because the characters appeared in different and unconnected films and so, unfortuately, they never met. Which of the couples do you think would be the best match? Discuss here

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It's War!

War's in the title of all of these films. Some are about people waging their own wars, others are caught up in a more general conflict. Which of these films is your favourite? Click here to sign the peace treaty