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90s Comedies in New York

An unbelievable amount of films are set in the wonderful city of New York, and the 90s was a decade that saw a lot of romantic comedies and comedies in general. Which one of these 90s (romantic) comedies set in New York is your favorite? Discuss the list here

Kids of 1993

1993 was the last year to feature an Oscar-winning child performance (the one at the top) but also a year of many unforgettable performances from young actors and actresses between 6 and 13. Being a kid that year, I could relate to many of these performances and celebrating their 25th anniversary was the perfect opportunity for a tribute to the cinematic kids of 1993. Which of these child roles of 1993 is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Baby Primer Movies

For reasons of my own, I suspect that we may see a mini-baby boom in nine months from now from married couples staying home in this COVID-19 crisis. Which movie would you select as a baby primer movie to warn the new couples on what to expect when their little bundle of joy arrives? Or scare them into not doing the act? The maternity ward is at this page.

Funniest Comedy Film of the '80s

Which comedy film of the 1980s do you think is the funniest? You may discuss the poll here See also: Funniest Comedy Film of the '00s Funniest Comedy Film of the '90s

Most interesting sequel title?

Which of these sequel titles has the most interesting/funniest way of deriving itself from the original movie name? Discuss here.

Rom-Coms? No, Mom-Coms!

The following comedies feature some unconventional, some inspiring, and even some horrendous mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, or people taking on the role of mothers, but they all have one thing in common: they're funny. Which movie featuring a comedic Mom is your favorite? Celebrate Mother's Day by talking about your favorite "mom-com" here. (Only live-action films with at least 15,000 votes, as well as rating of at least 5.8, on IMDb are included.)

Viewing It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life (1946) has become one of the most beloved Christmas Holiday movies, and over the years it has become popular in newer movies to show characters viewing clips of the movie, and sometimes commenting on it. What is your favorite movie which features clips from It's a Wonderful Life (1946)? Discuss the list here.

Most Award Worthy Movie Voice Acting

Each award season, notable voice only performances raise the issue of recognizing outstanding voice acting performances. Voice actors compete with live-action actors in the four traditional acting categories, as no major award organization has a distinct voice performance award. A Best Voice Performance category could encompass both live and animated films and would recognized the valuable contribution voice actors make to film. Which single movie performance is the most worthy of a major award recognition for best voice only performance? Discuss the topic here.

Odd Genre Pairings

These combinations of 2 genres aren't very exploited by the current studio system. Which one do you think should get more attention? Rule: Less than 150 movies by genre combination, but more than 0 Note: Film-Noir, Game-Show, News, Reality-TV, and Talk-Show are excluded. Discussion here

I believe in ..

In which of these beings do you believe? Discuss here

Scariest not-meant-to-be-scary poster...

These posters are not supposed to be scary but when you look at them long enough, some images can get so unsettling that you'd think twice before hanging it in your bedroom. Which of these posters best fits this description? Discuss here

Best Movies About Pregnancy

The below movies either are about pregnancy and the addition of a baby into someone's life or follow stories that, in some way, are influenced by pregnancy. Which one do you consider the best? Discuss the list here!

Most bogus "widening your appeal" roles

Of the many desperate attempts to crack the family market, who's provided the best working definition of "slumming"? Discuss the list here

Bruce Willis Numbers

What's your favorite number-in-the-title movie starring or featuring Bruce Willis? From a 2009 poll Discuss your favorite Willis number here

Troy McClure Movies

One of the most beloved supporting characters in The Simpsons (1989) is Troy McClure. A big star in the 1970's whose career went downhill. McClure would often appear in short videos in tv introducing tv shows or educational programs introducing himself by naming some of his previous performances. These movies would often be comical references to real movies or tv shows. Which of these fictional films you may remember Troy McClure for would you like to watch the most? Poll by Pencho15 Discuss here

Happy Labor Day!

Which of these films had the most memorable birth scene? Discuss the list here

Dubious Distinctions: IMDb's Original Bottom 100

These movies have the dubious distinction of being listed on the inaugural IMDb Bottom 100, they have since been replaced by supposedly even worse rated films. Which movie do you think deserves the most to return to the infamous IMDb Bottom 100 Movie list? Discuss the poll Poll by Pencho15 You can also vote on the Original Top 250 Here

Obscure, Surreal and Head-Scratching Movie Quotes

In general, the measure of a good movie quote is how long it sticks in your mind. Some achieve it by being repeated (catchphrases, arc quotes...) and others are delivered only once but are so puzzling that you keep repeating them over and over. They're not necessarily meant to convey obscure or surreal meanings, sometimes they're just so strange and nonsensical that they almost have a ring to it. This poll is about quotes that don't make sense when you first hear them but sound so attractive to the ear even if they make you go "huh?" Read each quote -if you know the film, you'll probably agree; if you don't, it's even better. Which of these head-scratching quotes, quick exchanges or dialogues is your favorite? A poll vote without a discussion here is like a soup without a mustache!

Worst Movies by the Best Actors (part 3)

Based on the IMDb rating, these are the worst movies by the best actors. If you have to watch one of these movies, which movie would you choose? Note: The best actors are chosen based on the number of Oscar wins and nominations. They all won 1 Oscar and have 4 or 5 Oscar nominations. Films are selected with more than 100 votes. You may discuss the poll here See also: Worst Movies by the Best Actors (part 1) Worst Movies by the Best Actors (part 2)

A Fond Farewell to George Segal

The talented and very popular Movie and TV actor George Segal just passed away at the age of 87. His career spanned an amazing 7 decades starting in 1960. Known mostly for his comedic talents, he could turn in a stellar performance in a drama just as well. He will be sadly missed. What TV Show or Movie that George was in is your favorite? After voting, please discuss here.