Poll: Ground-Breaking Comic Heroes Before the 1950s

Far before the 1950s, the first comic strips about heroes were published and many readers were delighted. A new phenomenal kind of story-telling was about to gain a huge fanbase. The artful paintings of the creators helped to understand the powers and qualities of the unusual and extraordinary characters by literally depicting them. It arose to a magic form of art that seduced masses of young and later even old readers - and from today's point of view also the audiences in cinemas. Today the artwork of the comics is transported to movies by CGI-effects, which enable to show the full virtual power of those comics that seduced so many, in reality-like movies. We take a look at the oldest characters, which set a big stone in motion. Which of these comic heroes of the 1940s and earlier do you think had the biggest impact on the whole genre or is the most interesting for you? (If you want, you can click the IMDb and Wikipedia links to read more about them.) Tell us here. __________________________________________________________ For your interest: List of superhero debuts (wikipedia) All researches for this poll were done in February 2022


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