Poll: Ghost Ship Films

Ever since that day in 1872, when the Mary Celeste was found adrift, perfectly intact, and perfectly seaworthy with its cargo untouched, a full store of food and all the sailors’ belongings also perfectly intact onboard, but the crew, one life longboat, the captain’s log, and the captain’s wife missing, it and several other ships (The Flying Dutchman, The Lady Lovibond, The Joyita, The Octavius, The Baychimo, The Carroll A. Deering, The SS Valencia and The Caleuche), real or mythical, have created the niche in sea lore and the movie genre known as “The Ghost Ship.” With its mystery that had defied a solution for over 140 years, and the new film, Adrift (2018), which has a hallucination of a ghost ship in it, and the real fact that there are abandoned drifting boats filled with skeletons washing up on the north shore of Japan this year, it is time for a poll about ghost ship films. These are films that have either a haunted ship, or a phantom ghost ship in them, and/or a mystery or thriller set onboard the ship to explain what happened on it (aka solve the mystery). It could be the whole movie or a few seconds. Which is your favorite film? To talk about it, set sail here.