Poll: The 25 Most Beautiful Movies of the 21st Century

A poll by pbn

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The Criterion Collection Covers

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Most Original Movie of the 2010s

In a decade full of sequels, remakes, reboots and other forms of reworking on pre-existing material, it's time to salute these 'standalone' movies that reinvented the wheel. Often venturing in the realm of fantasy, sci-fi, colorful universes or unfamiliar cinematic territories, these films (one per director) owed their success to their creativity, inventiveness, a smart concept and a capability to be as emotionally and intellectually appealing as any "normal" film... proving that cinema can still surprise us. So, which of these movies do you think is the most original of the 2010s? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Best Achievement in Cinematography, 86th Academy Awards 2014

Which film do you believe will win Best Achievement in Cinematography, 86th Academy Awards 2014 Discuss here

Which movie has the best soundtrack? (Part 2)

Growing up, I always liked buying soundtracks to movies because they were packed with all the best songs. From this list of popular movie soundtracks, which is your favorite? Discuss the songs here. Go vote on the original poll here.

Actresses with Beautiful Eyes!

Which actress has the most beautiful eyes? Discuss the list here and you can vote the actors part here, Actors with Beautiful Eyes!

Who would you want to live with?

Each of the following pairs of celebrities were roommates at one time. If you were looking for a place to live, which of them would you pick to live with? Discuss the list here