Poll: Most Family Friendly of the Horror Comedy Genre

In the bonus material to my copy of The Ghost Breakers (1940), screenwriter Larry Karaszewski said that while he and Scott Alexander were writing the screenplay for Goosebumps (2015), they wanted to write a family friendly horror comedy hybrid. They had looked for a movie with the right balance to use as their inspiration, and to get it right. He said that he was surprised how few they were, and that they had to go back to the Abbott and Costello films and others. (The ones he mentioned by name are marked by an *. The Abbott and Costello films are marked by **.) Using that as a starting point, and no “R” rated films on this list, and “PG13” is borderline, which of these films from the horror comedy genre is the most family friendly, or, in other words, would you show a 5 yr old without scaring him half to death? If you got one to suggest that is not “R” rated or worse, but is horror comedy genre that is family friendly, (check the keywords), offer them here for consideration.


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