Poll: FYC, AFI - The Next Top 50 Heroes

A poll by ElMaruecan82

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Oscar Face-Off: Sean Penn vs. Sean Penn

As of 2019, only forty-two actors, including both lead and supporting actors and both women and men, have won two or more Oscars for acting performances. It's no surprise that Sean Penn, one of cinema's virtuosos, is among that elite company, winning for his roles in 'Milk' and 'Mystic River.' Which Oscar-winning performance do you think is better? Discuss here. Vote in another Sean Penn poll here and vote in similar acting Oscar face-offs here.

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Best Oscar-Winning Best Leading Actor of the 2010s

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They Snipe

Suppose you are in charge of a mission and you need a sniper. Now, who would you like to have in your team as a sniper among these? Discuss the list here

Favorite Quintessential Quartet

Which of these quintessential quartets is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Greatest Comic Superheroes of All Time

Of the following 25 comic book superheroes, selected from rankings on multiple lists, and represented (in most cases) by their most recent live-action incarnations, which is YOUR favorite? After voting, you may discuss here.

AMPAS Hollywood Costume Exhibit

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS - the people who bring us the Oscars) currently has an exhibit of more than 150 Hollywood costumes showing from October 2, 2014 through March 2, 2015. Of these iconic costumes from the exhibit, which would you most like to add to your movie memorabilia collection? Discuss the list here Special shout-out to the red dress from Pretty Woman (1990) and Marilyn Vance, who designed it. The dress is part of the exhibition but there's no photo in IMDb...

Golden Globes 2016: Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture ? Drama

Who, among the nominees for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama), do you think should win the Golden Globe this year? Discuss here

Cool Blokes in Favored Roles

These guys below are actors who have proven their entertainment value several times. Most of them have a large fanbase. So we've chosen a cool role of everyone of them. (No superheroes) Which is your favorite pick of 'bloke & role' from them below? Discuss here.

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Adorable Earth Creatures

Which animated creature found on Earth or like Earth do you find the most adorable? Discuss Here

Universally Understood Oscar Performances

Which Oscar winning acting performance, performed in whole or in part in a non-English or a non-verbal language,* do you think best transcends language? Discuss the topic here.

The Big Name vs. The Unknown Actor

You catch wind that your beloved book, video game or whatever is being adapted to the big screen. Now who would you rather star as the lead character? Discuss Here

Sarcastic Characters

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Roles Tom Cruise Almost Played

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Phone a Friend

You need help and you have one phone call. Who are you gonna call? Discuss here after voting

Both Camera Sides Oscar Nominees (2001-Now)

As of 2022, forty-one individuals have career feature Oscar nominations in front of the camera, as well as, behind the camera (forty-three, if you count Peter Sellers' and Christine Lahti's shorts). Which person who secured dual Oscar nominations* in front of the camera, as well as behind the camera, in the 21st century, is the most impressive talent on both sides? *an acting Oscar nomination plus a behind-the-camera Oscar nomination (directing, writing, producing, music, etc.) Vote in the companion poll: Both Camera Sides Oscar Nominees (1928-2000) Discuss the topic here.

Face-Off: Chaplin vs. Iron Man vs. Sherlock Holmes

Which of these iconic characters played by Robert Downey Jr. is your favorite? Discuss the list here!

Bad Ass Dads of Action

Who is your favorite Bad-Ass Dad character? After voting, please discuss here.

Actor's Body Metamorphosis

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