Poll: Did They Even Act?

A poll by ur44797245

Results of 3,786 votes:

  1. 247

    Mathew Minami (left) and Bill Murray (right)

  2. 146


  3. 101

    Elvis Presley in "Loving You," Paramount, 1957.

  4. 98

    Steve McQueen "LeMans" 1971 Solar

  5. 94

    John Wayne and James Stewart, portrait for "The Shootist," 1972. Vintage silver gelatin, 14x11, signed. $900 © 1978 David Sutton MPTV

  6. 43


  7. 30


  8. 30

    Lupe Velez

  9. 29

    John Barrymore 6/6/39

  10. 23


  11. 17

    5734-32 "Paris When It Sizzles" Audrey Hepburn and William Holden 1963 Paramount

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A script gives an actor/actress a certain eloquence but sometimes it's that spur of the moment, gut instinct feeling, that moment when they are so into character, that the true magic comes out of their mouths. In order to qualify, these lines must have either been ad-libbed by the actor on screen or changed from how it was originally written in the script. I have chosen not to include lines/moments delivered by Brando, as so much of his dialogue was ad-libbed that perhaps he merits a list of his own. In your opinion, which improvised moment in film by an actor has resonated most with you over the years? After voting, you may discuss your unscripted thoughts here.