Poll: Midnight Movie Phenomena

The screening of nonmainstream pictures at midnight was aimed at building a cult film audience, encouraging repeat viewing and social interaction in what was originally a countercultural setting. The movie generally recognized as igniting the theatrical midnight film movement is El Topo (1970), which opened in December 1970 at the Elgin Theatre in New York City. From 1974 the midnight screening phenomenon was spreading around the country. Midnight screenings of the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) became a national sensation in 1976, amassing a cult following all over the United States. Where the social aspect had always been a part of the midnight movie's attraction, with Rocky Horror in an exaggerated way it became the attraction. Broad social and economic shifts weakened the countercultural base and leading midnight movie venues were beginning to fold as 1977. (Source: Wikipedia) If you could go back to the '70s and experience one of these midnight movie screenings, which movie would you choose? See also: Entertainment Weekly's Top 50 Cult Movies You may discuss the poll here