Poll: Movies Quotes Without the Letter "E"

As for French, the letter "e" is the most frequently used in the English language, and so it was a pretty tough job finding movie lines that didn't have an "e"... tough, but fun. So which bit of dialog (no less than four words) would you pick? To be also eligible, the lines must be in English (sorry but no "Hasta la vista, baby!" or "Gort! Klaatu Barada Nikto!) and without grammatical errors even though it's part of a dialect or informal speaking. "Ain't" or "gonna" are accepted since their more formal version "isn't" or "going to" don't use "e"s either. After voting, you might discuss the list here PS: French novelist George Perec (1936-1982) was famous for having written La Disparition, a novel in French that didn't contain the letter "e", he even managed to disappearing letter in the following terms I roughly translated as "an almost total « o » finishing with a dash" (see, no "e"!)


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