Poll: The Great Disney Halloween Costume Contest!

A poll by NarniaIsAwesome

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Disney has been known to sneakily placing their own movie characters in other film universes. These crossovers (also known as 'easter eggs') often go unnoticed by viewers, though there seems to be a lot of potential for Disney to make a crossover film. With so many similarities in their worlds and characters, the possibility of character-universe crossovers seems limitless. Which Disney movie crossover would you most want to see? (Please note: Pixar films will be counted here.) After voting, you may discuss the poll here. Also vote on my other Disney/Pixar related polls: Dark and Terrifying Disney Moments | Most Romantic Disney Kiss | Funniest Pixar Moments

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A Tribute to Roger Carel, the French Mel Blanc

I know, this French-sounding name might be totally unfamiliar for most of you IMDb users, but if you are French or grew up with French-speaking movies and TV programs, the man is simply a legend; I should say "was" since he sadly passed away on September 11, and this poll is a tribute to the man who made my childhood. Roger Carel was the French Man of 1000 Voices: his incredible range of voices allowed him to dub some of the most iconic and memorable TV and movie characters of all the time. Indeed, he wasn't just the regular voice of Peter Sellers, Ustinov and Jack Lemmon, he was the voice of such icons as Charles Chaplin, Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, Fred Flintstone and of course, the ultimate French icon: Asterix. And the question is simple: which of these TV/movie characters dubbed by Roger Carel in the French versions is your favorite? After voting, you may discuss the list here (and Reposez en Paix, Mr. Carel)