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Poll Suggestion: Top 250 Actors

Each of these actors are lead in at least 4 of IMDb's top 250, which of them is your favorite?

Best Method Actor

Who Do You Consider To Be The Best Method Actor of All Time?? Method Acting is a term you've probably heard more and more frequently in recent years. There is a certain mysticism to it that conjures up images of actors going to bizarre lengths in pursuit of realistic performances. We're going to vote for actors who gave us a truly believable performance. Wikipedia defines Method acting as a range of training and rehearsal techniques that seek to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances, as formulated by many different theatre practitioners. Here are some well-known Method Actors who went to such extraordinary lengths to get in a character that their performance has pushed the boundaries of the bizarre. Which actor's performance do you think has touched the bottom of your heart? Discuss here

Face-Off : Marlon Brando Vs Jack Nicholson

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Best "Best Actor" 1970-1979

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If You Could Impersonate One Actor Perfectly Who Would It Be

Most of us dream of having a party piece where we could imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger spot on, but taking Arnie out of the equation, if you could do any actor's voice perfectly including physical mannerisms, who would you like to do perfectly from this list? please discuss here.

Nom, Nom, Nom

Only 16 actors in history have earned Best Actor/Actress Oscar nominations three (or more) years in a row. Which of them gave the best trio (or quartet, quintet, etc.) of performances? Discuss the list here * Roles in bold type indicate winners

So you're stranded on ANOTHER desert island...

Luckily for you, you managed not to die of boredom on the first desert island you were stuck on thanks to your collection of a director's filmography. But lo and behold your rescue ship has capsized after you climbed aboard and you find yourself swimming towards another desert island! At least you managed to stash a Mini-TV, Blu-Ray player, electricity supply and an entire filmography of a film actor in your backpack from the cabin. What are the chances?! But whose body of work would you take with you? Choose from the following (chosen by IMDB poll board members) Note: The body of work does not include cameo roles, TV shows and bit parts. Lead and Supporting roles only Discuss the list here

Most Influential Decade Defining Actor

Each decade, we witness a handful of supremely talented thespians whose abilities transcend the art of acting. They don't merely act out their characters on screen but actually become them. Through considerable dedication, research and an inherent gift, these actors deliver viscerally captivating performances and present us with cinematic gold. In your opinion, which of these actors have had the most profound influence over the course of films? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

The Strangest Actor Known for Playing Strange Roles

Many actors have played odd, unusual, or disturbed characters, but some seem to excel at it, and have gained a reputation for it. Here are some actors who have often played very unusual characters, who range from eccentric to downright insane. Which one comes across as the strangest to you? Discuss the list here

Most Golden Globe Wins - Motion Picture Performances

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AFI's Most Iconic Actors of the Last Century...

This list features all the actors with at least 4 pre-2000 screen characters nominated to the American Film Institute Top 100 Heroes and Villains. To give you an idea, these 15 actors and actress (kudos to Bette Davis!) put together, represent about 20% of all the nominated characters that impacted American movies' memories and about 25% of the Top 100 list. This called for a poll! They're ranked in order of number of nominated characters, but since quality matters more than quantity, which of these actors or actress, in your opinion, deserves the title of most iconic American Cinema's actor of the last century? Discuss here In bold letters, the characters who made the AFI's Top 100 list.

California Hall of Famers.

The inductee list of the California Hall of Fame for 2016 has just been announced. The Hall of Fame, conceived by then-First Lady Maria Shriver, honors individuals and groups who embody California's innovative spirit while also making a lasting, significant contribution to the state, the nation and the world, as well as inspiring others to further their own dreams. The hall and its exhibits are located in The California Museum in Sacramento. Which of these movie- and TV-related members of the hall do you feel most deserves their inclusion? Discuss the list here

AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients (Part 1)

Which one of these 24 actors or directors, who have received the American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award, is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

Oscar Nominated in 5 Consecutive Decades

These three actors and one actress are the only individuals that have been nominated for Academy Awards in five consecutive decades. Who do you think gives the best performances? Discuss here.

Actors Nominated For Best Actor 3 Years in a Row

Which one of these Actors Nominated For Best Actor at least 3 Years in a Row is your favorite? Discuss Here

The Leap Elite Club

If my calculations are correct, ever since the first Oscar ceremony, only 23 leap years have passed. Rarity providing value, I thought it would be interesting to associate this 'leap' factor to the usual Oscar nomination records. Indeed, if it's a remarkable achievement for actors to get more than 5 or 10 nominations in their career, how about getting these nods during these 'special' years? So far, only 12 actors and actresses managed to get nominated for acting during a leap year at least 3 times (the year being the ceremony's year, not the film's release). Which member of the "Leap Elite Club" is your favorite? After voting, you might discuss the vote here nomination WIN

IMDb Poll Board Favourite Actors

These are the favourite actors of members of IMDb Poll Board. Which one of these is your favorite ? Discuss Here

Your Mother's Favorite Actor

Who is (or was) your mother's favorite actor? Apologies to your mother if her favorite is not on the list. Add your write-in here Also vote for your father's favorite actress!