Poll: A.B.B.R.E.V.I.A.T.E.D.

A poll by babuandbabu

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Every Tom Dick and Harry Character

Toms, Thomases, Dicks, Richards, Ricks, Rickys, Harolds, and Harrys are everywhere! Almost that is! While they all aren't here, these are the most popular. There are so many good ones on this list, that you'll have a hard time choosing! So who is your favorite character named, Tom, Dick, or Harry? After voting, please discuss here.

Who Solves the Murder Mystery?

Crime TV-series are one of the most popular genres on TV. But it's not always the cop who catches the murderer. Which series features the most creative sleuth (or team of sleuths) to solve the murder case? Discuss the list here

Best TV Functional Cars

Only TV cars that could really exist and you could buy/build/drive are included; No weapons or fantastic features added. Which of these cars appearing on TV would you most want to drive? Choose one or suggest: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/thread/258381985

TV Cars

Me being an absolute petrolhead, I thought it nice to create a list featuring some of the most iconic motor vehicles ever to grace the television screen. So, which of these TV stars on wheels do you so admire the most? Discuss here.

It's Time for Softball

Softball, a team sport created in Chicago in 1887 as a derivation of Baseball, uses a bigger ball and a smaller field, making it a faster sport which is specially popular with women teams. It is played in over 120 countries worldwide and it was an Olympic sport from 1996 to 2008, when it was cut off from the program. Softball is especially popular in Japan, and so it will be contested once again in the Tokyo 2020 games, where it was the first event to be held in the Olympics, two days before the Opening Ceremony, with a match where Japan defeated Australia 8-1. Besides Australia and Japan, Canada, Italy, Mexico and the United States will be looking for the medals. To celebrate Softball's return to the Olympics and the start of Tokyo 2020, which of these movies, documentaries or TV episodes with a plot involving Softball are you most interested in watching? Discuss Here Poll by Pencho15

Emmy Nominees for Outstanding Drama Series from the '80s

The following series all won or were nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series during the 1980s. Which of them would you be most likely to watch again now or watch for the first time? Discuss this list here

TV Iconic Items of Clothing

Which of these TV characters wears the most iconic item of clothing? After voting, you might discuss the list here

Raising Some Eyebrows

Which of these male actors would win the Coolest Eyebrow-Raising Contest? Discuss here

Oddest Casting Choice for a Real-Life Person

Sometimes, when a certain actor or actress plays a real person, he/she is so perfect for the role that you can't imagine anyone else playing it (Patton, Gandhi, Invictus). Other times, the announcement that so-and-so is playing so-and-so just makes you scratch your head. I'm not saying they all did a bad job, but which of these casting choices do you find the most unlikely? Discuss the list here

January 15 is National Hat Day

Which of these TV hats is most memorable? Discuss the list here

Glen A. Larson Memorial Poll

With the death of television series creator/producer/director/writer Glen A. Larson, which TV show that he produced (executive producer or producer) for at least ten episodes was your favorite? Discuss here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/flat/236943629

Fighting crime on TV...and in the movies?

Denzel Washington's latest is a version of The Equalizer (1985) TV show starring Edward Woodward as a private detective helping his clients seek justice. Which of these TV crime fighters (no super heroes, please) who haven't already appeared in a film would make the most compelling leap to the big screen? Discuss the list here

Unseen Characters

Everybody who has seen these TV shows and films knows them, but nobody has ever seen them. Which of these unseen characters would you most like to see, if only the once? Just to see what they do look like... Discuss here

Most Iconic US TV Detective

Who is the Most Iconic US TV Detective from the 1970-1990s? To be considered they must primarily work alone and had a series that lasted at least two seasons. After voting, please discuss here.

Favorite Character-Titled TV Series: Before 1990

Each of the following television series is titled after its main character. Which show is your favorite? Discuss here Vote for your favorite character-titled TV series 1990-2015 HERE

Most memorable instrumental TV theme song?

Movies About A.I.

Which film deals with the subject of Artificial Intelligence in the most intelligent and enlightening way? Only movies with a 7 or above rating are considered. Discuss Here

Favorite Final Episode

What is your favorite final episode of a television series? This is an update to: Which of the following finale episodes do you think is the best? (Suggested by user "v85rawdeal") http://www.imdb.com/poll/results/2009-08-12 Discuss at: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/nest/220297733

Make It a Musical

Shows like Glee (2009) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) paved the way, but is TV ready to roll? Which of these shows would benefit the most from added song and dance numbers? Discuss here after voting

Summer Fashion

Which of these characters' styles could you rock during summer? Share your choice here