Poll: Favorite Willem Dafoe Film

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Which of these Box Office bombs would you rather watch?

If you were forced to watch any of these box office bombs which would it be? Discuss this poll here

Face-Off: Prince of Persia vs. John Carter

Both Disney films released within a couple of years of each other. Same IMDB user rating 6.6. Nearly the same number of votes ~190,000. Both have bald villains. The main characters have similar dress, hairstyle, parkour moves, and are both out to help a princess in her quest. Which do you like better? Discuss here.

List of "Going Native" Films

This is a list of films pertaining to movies that are about somebody bonding with another culture in some way. (That culture often times being someone they had fought and or seen as an antagonistic force in some way) A character learns about them/their ways and often comes to fight for them if not outright join them. (in some cases becoming a heroic leader figure to them) Often times helping them go up against their own people/former allegiance.

There's More Than One of Them...

Sometimes, an actor or actress is just so good, you have to have two or more! of them. In these films and shows, the main character played dual or even triple roles - who do you think did the best job? You (and your replicas, twins, or doppelgangers) can discuss this poll here! And speaking of similar, be sure to take this related poll: Favorite Multiple Role Performance

Favorite Space Opera Movie

According to Wikipedia: Space opera is a subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes space warfare, melodramatic adventure, interplanetary battles, chivalric romance, and risk-taking. Set mainly or entirely in outer space, it usually involves conflict between opponents possessing advanced abilities, futuristic weapons, and other sophisticated technology. Which of those space opera films is your favorite? Rule: 20 000 votes minimum Discuss here

Most Expensive Movies Per Minute

These movies are the 35 most expensive per minute as of February 2016. Which movie's position on the list surprises you the most? Budgets and running times from Wikipedia. Discuss it here

Best Population Movie

World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July 11 every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. Which do you think is the best movie that deals with overpopulation or population control? Minimum of 1,000 votes. Discuss the poll here

Noomi Rapace's Coolest Sister

In What Happened to Monday (2017), a set of identical septuplets tries to survive in a world where families are limited to one child due to overpopulation. The seven identical sisters, all of them portrayed by Noomi Rapace, are named after the days of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Based on these movie posters, which of the seven sisters, all played by Noomi Rapace, looks the coolest? Discuss the list here

Goth Girls Gone Bad

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the "Baddest" Goth Girl of all? Interpret "Bad" as a good thing! After voting, please discuss here.

The Beehive State Movies

The Beehive State is the official nickname of Utah. In 1896 it became the 45th state of the United States of America. These movies have a connection with Utah. It's a topic in the story or they are (partially) filmed in Utah. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with Utah? You may discuss the poll here Click here to vote for other States of America

Undeserved box office bomb

According to the website filmsite.org, the following titles are the 20 biggest financial failures in the history of cinema. In your opinion, which of these movies would have deserved a bigger success at the box office? Discuss here. (source: filmsite.org/CNBC/BoxOfficeMojo)

Movie Concepts

Based on the concept of the following movies (not the movies themselves), which one would you like to see as a saga, or as a TV series? A saga is a story about what happens to a group of characters over a long period of time, in this particular case, over a few movies. Discuss this poll here

Sisters Are Doin' It For Each Other!

Which of these sister acts would you like to join? Discuss the list here * minimum 6.0 stars

A Novel Idea: The Killer Bs

What is your favorite movie or TV series based on a novel by an author with a last name beginning with the letter "B?" After voting, please discuss here.

Weirdest Hindi Title Translation

Which of these Hindi title translations is the strangest? Discuss the poll here

That Wasn't the Name of the Book...

...or story, play, etc. When literary works are adapted for the screen, the names are sometimes changed, often drastically. Which of the following changes do you find the most striking? Discuss the list here

25 Trailers Better Than the Movie

The expectations coming into these films were high based on their trailers alone, which were full of promise and excitement. After experiencing the movie, the general consensus was that they did not deliver on that same promise, with many people finding themselves shrugging and saying "meh" come the film's end. [These films must have a RT score of 59% or less and an IMDb rating of less than 7.5., which means films like Prometheus (2012) and Superman Returns (2006) don't make the cut.] Which of these films that were hyped up early on for their stellar trailers disappointed you the most? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Title Role Performances — Full Name Titles

These movie titles contain the full name of the main character from the movie, without any additions. Whose title role performance is your favorite? You may discuss the poll here

Best Sci-Fi Movies Based on Book

What is your favorite movie in the list? All these sci-fi movies are based on books (no comics; titles descended by release year). When you love a book, few things are more exciting than seeing it turned into a movie. When you initially love a movie, it's never late to know how all the things were on the page... Discuss here after voting. Another half of this poll (dystopia, apocalyptic, horror) is available for additional voting.

Let's All Go To Mars!

Admit it, you've always wanted to go to Mars. After all, who wouldn't want to go to a barren and probably lifeless planet several hundred miles away from Earth with a very thin and unbreathable atmosphere. So let's go have some fun times on the Martian surface! What's that? How are we going to get there? What do are we going to do there? Those are good questions. How would you want to get there and what would you want to do when you arrived? You can see the board here