Poll: Gender Stereotypes - Males

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Iconic Movie Catchphrases

We may not remember the entire movie, but we definitely remember the line and that's because they transcended the scripts they were from and became a part of us forever. This will NOT include superhero catchphrases, as that has been done here. Which iconic movie catchphrase do you think is most MEMORABLE? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

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You've been framed...

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No, Don't Do It!

These things are repeated so often that they're cliche; they also seem to be obviously unwise and yet movies still depict them over and over again. Of these common tropes, which is the dumbest thing a character can do? Yell "don't do it!" here

Spoofed Movie Moments

It's often been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. So basically, if you find one of your own movie scenes the subject of occasional parody, in our books, you've made it. These are among some of the most iconic scenes in movies that, because of their immense popularity and influence, have been repeatedly parodied in pop culture. These films, and more specifically these scenes, will therefore forever be etched in our hearts. Which of these oft spoofed movie moments is your all-time favorite? After voting, you may discuss the poll here.

Movie Quote Ringtones

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Best Male Performance Not Nominated for an Oscar

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Worst bathrooms in movie history!

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Stanley Kubrick Leads

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The Pain of the Friendzone

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Author's Favorite from the First 1000 Polls

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Brrrr... Who's the Coldest of the Cold?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the following are the first two definitions of the word cold: 1) Of or at a low or relatively low temperature 2) lack of affection or warmth of feeling. Of the following characters exposed to cold temperatures, who is the most cold hearted? Shiver here

Improvising is the... uh... the best!

A script gives an actor/actress a certain eloquence but sometimes it's that spur of the moment, gut instinct feeling, that moment when they are so into character, that the true magic comes out of their mouths. In order to qualify, these lines must have either been ad-libbed by the actor on screen or changed from how it was originally written in the script. I have chosen not to include lines/moments delivered by Brando, as so much of his dialogue was ad-libbed that perhaps he merits a list of his own. In your opinion, which improvised moment in film by an actor has resonated most with you over the years? After voting, you may discuss your unscripted thoughts here.

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In celebration of hitting 10 Million votes on IMDb polls, we ask you a simple question: If you had 10 million dollars to contribute to a non-profit organization which one would you choose? All the organizations listed in the poll are fictional and are related to the film industry. Discuss Here