Poll: Heist Film Greats - The Mastermind?

The 'heist' film has developed over many years as a subgenre within 'crime' films. Initially, the format was hooked on how the characters themselves created the failure. Later, the films started looking deeper at the characters and plots and began moving away from the standard tropes. Every great 'heist' film still maintains familiar elements. One of the 'must-haves' is a mastermind. This person can have many roles to play. They might plan the robbery, pull together the team of specialists and/or play a central role in how the caper plays out. They also may have an ulterior motive for pulling the job. Below is a list of the finest heist masterminds (in chronological order with a well-known quote for fun) … but which of these is the number one mastermind? List/Poll Rules Minimum IMDB film rating = 7.0 / Must include a robbery / No remakes (unless first version isn't rated 7.0) / Only the first film in series Discuss the Poll here.


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